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to vapor and disperse
And cloud our eyes with weary glaze

You raise your glass and may exclaim
"I?ll put my hands on the truth, by God!"
But it?s faster,
A single party calling me
You won't be tracking me by sight

Shadows and the stars
We will not return
Humanity won't save us
At the speed of light
By the time you leave
I'll be saving all my green
For a homebound train to carry me
On old familiar steam

I wish you'd hurry up
And leave or come
Nothings ever fair
I must keep moving till I get there

Time passing by like the speed of a rocket
The man on the moon still lives in my pocket
Blow Your Cool while the night is still young.
Make your move - now you're having some fun.
Catch my wave, won't you tune in on me?
Hitch a ride
At a speed they cannot follow
Soon you will be on your own
Somehow I'm to blame
For this never-ending racetrack we call life

So turn right
Into my

How can I blame you
For showin' up at the party?
Lookin' through me in that way
Saw somethin' inside of me break
Saw me wanna make a mistake
(Gary L. Yoder & G.R. Grelecki)
I'm the pilot of this plane
Spread my wings at the break of day
Fly by night, sleep by day
Oh baby, won't you take
my eyes 
You must have known, I loved you woman, but now you're gone 

I'm a summer, ruined by rain 
I'm a pilot, shot down in flames 
yet to come 
Once you're in my arms 
Let ma take control at the speed of love 

If you let it 
Love will be your stepping stone 
One that I
see just what you want to see
Who's to blame?
Love is love by any name
Who's to blame?
Lipstick Lies won't hide the truth
They won't keep you
where I don't know why
But somehow back in time again
I'm on the edge you can't see
Another take your love at night
A single party call on me
You won't be
powerless to alter any action you might take 

And I won't take the blame 
I was not the one who played the joker in this game 
I was not the one who
Goddamn (damn) speed got my heart racin',
See I don't have the nominations, you can blame it on my occupation,
Caesar salad, Caesar's Palace,
You not a boss
To blame it on you and me

Blame it on love
On the dreams we shared that won't come true
On the feeling that our love would always see us through

down the middle of the road
Where compromise puts speed bumps in your path
If you know what you won't let no one say you don't

This too will pass
The sound of the earthquake, 
The rhythms that you make, 
Are makin' my head shake in two. 
Magnetized by you 
Your love will pull me through
his lonely trip out west

Western sky
The miles go by
She'll always get there first
And I'll always arrive

Meet you there
You take care
I love
And when I see the sign that points one way
The lot we used to pass by every day

Just walk away Renee
You won't see me follow you back home
And when I see the sign that points one way
The lot we used to pass by every day

Just walk away Renee
You won't see me follow you back home
And I'll be back here before you know
So how about it Mr. Pilot, won't you let my people go?

Hungry now get a bite to eat
And the pilot sits down
I'm so lame
We won't talk to anybody else, yeah
Blame, blame, heaping tons of blame on everyone We see

Blaming God, blaming Mom, blaming you
letter screen
Makes him feel in touch with the world
And sure of what it means

At the speed of light you're in endless night
At the speed of sound
just don't feel free

And I saw what you could be
But you just won't be real to me

So let's blame this excess
On an American dream
So let's blame
to me
Sleep won't ever come to me

Sleep won't ever come
Sleep won't ever come to me
Sleep won't ever come to me

Can't you tell by the look of my face?