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So I'm kinda glad he took the lie detector
Now I know the truth so you can get the boot


(beenie man)

[VERSE 2:]
[Bridge-Beenie Man]
Run to me one and only bed,
Run man, run get ya rag
Girls if ya holla give me head,
Call 9-1-1 'cause one more
What was I supposed to do? 
I turned around with the world and she simply was there 
My blood ran like ice right through 
She had your face
We making crazy money so stop watching what we spend 
We multiply by ten 
Selassie fly the gate 
I trample all my enemies cause man a hold
some time
Thought I might go on by when your memory came flooding in and you closed that door

Wish I was a freight train, baby
Wish I was a diesel
lonely without you
The feeling was strong
The world was holding on
I want to be on my own

I wish I could take time
I wish oh I wish so hard
I wish
She kotch a Suzie yard, man a call a night bout 
I fi tek back Joyce, mi herb up all mi phone and sey 
Tha bwoy deh bright, when mi and Joyce a par
Now I and I say eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth
And He that live by the sword shall die by the sword
And if you're Christian go to Church
Papa mi wish yuh was here 
To see yuh bwoy a live like millionaire 
Mama nuh worry yuhself, I am taking care 
A fi get what's mine cause I now
and the words came floating by

I wish I could have been there in the starlight
When the country side was trying once again
And the music and the makers
I wish, I wish, I wish
To every city
I wish, I wish, I wish
Every hood

I wish, I wish, I wish
And every block
I wish, I wish, I wish
While I'm rocking it 
Beenie Man locking it
You bitchin like a bitch 
Fool, put a sock in it
Rude boy cockin' it 
Hustler stockin' it
and the only man for me
Now I wish I was a kissin' tree out on the lone prairie
And everytime my sweet pass by he'd steal a kiss from me
And if he wants more
I wish, I wish, I wish
To every city
I wish, I wish, I wish
Every hood
I wish, I wish, I wish
And every block
Ghetto America!

Rollin' through
James had a look on his face that I couldn't explain
He said,"Man, have you heard the news?"
Ronnie killed Jackie, caught her screwing around
things straight
Lord all I know is I don't wanna breathe

I wish I was cold as stone
Then I wouldn't feel a thing
Wish I didn't have this heart
Then I
Staring at shadows on the wall
Wish I knew of someone I could call
Someone who might understand it all
Ruby Lee , I sure wish you was here with me
Belsen was a gas, I heard the other day
In the open graves where the Jews all lay
Life is fun and I wish you were here
They wrote on postcards
wishing on stars in the sky
Wish a lot of people was alive
And I probably passed on a whole lot of truth
But I know about a whole lot of lies
Man I wish I
My memory rings
With that Kansas City Southern man 
That a lonesome sound
Well I'd sit and watch those trains go by
And wish that I was homeward

Testin poison in prison population 

My occupation to stop the innauguration of Satan 

Some claim that it was Reagan, so I come to slay men
They say that Richard Cory owns one half of this whole town
With political connections to spread his wealth around
Born into society, a banker's
Well I wish I was in London 
Or some other seaport town 
I?d set my foot on a steamboat 
And sail the ocean round 

While sailin?
Wish I was a mole in the ground
Wish I was a mole in the ground
Mole in the ground, I'd root that mountain down
Wish I was a mole in the ground
tell you something
I wish I was in Edinburgh

I don't mind being by myself
Don't wanta be anywhere else
Just want to be in Edinburgh
I wish I was