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Yeah! The war zone. Who you fighting for?

[Verse 1: Common]
It's funk to rhythm and punk to rock
Loud like shot that come from a glock
Pick up
try to stay wide awake or you might be found dead by the lake
Soon as you lay me down to sleep bitch your soul I'm a try to take
Pray for light today
The boy's back turnin' his slacks to all yella (Prick)
It's a daily lick, I slit throats with a grin that reek of pure shit
Travel by backflip,
the waters you give
Come and nourish our souls, we need your gift to live

I sit by the window pane
Waiting for the wind to rain
When will it fall down
to the Record Lord 
Come down... 

[Wait a minute why'all wait a minute 
Let's get serious for a minute 
why'all havin' fun, I'm havin' fun