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I've been abused by this cold, cold world

Everybody around you pretending that they your partner (Woah!)
Let you have a problem they won't even
To *'Stand By Me'
Like Ben E. King said
The rest of my life

Baby! Baby!

It's too (late)
You're too late to wake up
(It's too late to wake up)
as bad as he is 
Put him in the middle of Valley Forge  by himself  surrounded by the British  he can do nothing 

Mhm hmm hmm 
Take Martin Luther King
paid was so high, my friends.
If I were King of all I imagine,
I would trade all I am
To have you by my side.

If I were King.
I have too much time
When Jelly Roll demanded his name
Hail, King Porter
Well, the man responded "Porter King"
(Dig 'I'm)

By order
Well, Jelly lef' th' city, but he wrote
You got a lead
Oh, nothing much to go on. 
Say, did you take that .45 automatic 
Into the lab to have them check on it

Yeah. You were right
I was
with the funk type shit
This is it, so get with the skit motherfucker

	Who am I E.D. the Green Eyed Bandit
	Who am I E.D. the Green Eyed Bandit

There are Hip-Hop leaders, this you know
We also have, hip-hoppers that follow
By the tone of my voice, you can tell I am a scholar
I'm also
and the night

I have nothing to sell but the power of hell
My Armies of fire awaits
I'm here to be paid for the pact that was made
My payments can never be late
of Pirelli’s elixir, and I say to you
That it is nothing but an errant fraud, concocted fr om
Piss and ink. And furthermore Signor” I have
Serviced no kings
I'm The King of Ashes
Nothing from the flame survives
Hands cannot turn the tides
I have been consumed

The road runs straight from Tarsus
The King's daughter may be next

[St. George:] Mmm-hmm. You got a lead
[Chief:] Oh, nothing much to go on. 
Say, did you take that .45
like a magic 
trick turned by a chick with a bad habit 
Opportunity to move I grab it 
Me and my moms have static, now I wreak Hennesey and havoc
gangsta rap shit, down to blast for cash
Cause from Eazy-E, to D.O.C., to D.P.G
Started from that S.O.B., D.R.E
Like Dub-C I'm rich rollin', pistol
a little trouble upon, my arrival
But I got rid of those who, tried to rock me
Lyte is here, no one can stop me

I am the Lyte as a rock L-Y, L-Y-T-E
Who's down, down down down.

I'm down for my krown, no lie oh I stay high so high.

I die for my krown, spittin K.I.N.G for L.I.F.E

I'm down for my
'cept the one that brought him there
That pushes him away
King of the world of ideas

it all goes by so fast
Nothing that slips past
And if it does slow
is "Eazy-E"

"Eazy Mutha Fuckn E, A real Nigga, Born and Raised in Mutha Fuckn
Compton, This ones dedicated to you busta ass niggaz ,you know
who you
brothers and sisters
(I'm from the ghetto)

Yeah, this is Dr. Ben, I'm with Jim Jones
(Lord knows, I was on the run confused)
DipSet forever
against the window pane

I, I who have nothing
I, I who have no-one

Must watch you go dancing by
Wrapped in the arms of somebody else
When darling,
Selassie I with the triple crown 
Black man stop shot you black brother down 
Give out mi warning give out mi sound 
Mi no business who a screw who a ben
I ain't tryan have you haters layin below the pool pit (chaa)
40 acres and mule sit, in my garage with a cool kit (chaa)
Eat, drink and be merry
Shaheed a propmaster, Q-Tip a propmaster
The Jungle Brothers a propmaster, BDP a propmaster
45 King a propmaster
I won't tell you nothing bout
Your head on my shoulder
Two months youæ?³e been a soldier
I feel so sick inside
Two months youæ?? have been alive

So no one here knows your surname
Ain't here for no fronting just to say a little something
You suckers don't like me cause you're all about nothing
However, I'm really fascinating