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the wolf, who made a widower of Grandma

Must I flex my cash, to sex your ass
I wet the ave, when I set my path
The vette' don't crash I
(Buck Trent & George McCormick) 

Suppose you wanted someone the way I want you 
Just imagine your body, mind and soul breaking in two 
Down, I said I'd Rather Be With You
George and Bootsy, what a hell of a crew
But since you've been lost, yo, I've been so lost too
So Flash your Lights in
I want you to be the way I want you to be 
And when you're not it hurts me like shredded tape, 
Something sticky for security wrapped tight around
wanna see you burn
Twenty grand get a kilo, your culture gotta burn
George Zimmerman, when I see you, you gotta burn

I'm still flowin' like I'm Donald
reach the testicles
and effect em, by animal means, I'm in your spectrum
As I walk through the garden of orange tomatoes, I see

Blue flowers
old tune
you're so sure that I can't refuse it
But don't you speak 2 soon

What kind of fool do you take me 4
Don't want to see your face
Got a Panamera round a young nigga neck
Got a young bitch pulling up in a vet
Smoke a lot of kush and I have a lot of sex
Had to beat the grind up, ran
at the door of the Anne Summers sex shop it's St.Georges day and all the old people smile, the young people look hungry looking for a new door I'm in the sun
You dig? You tell me which of the two they're doin' okay? Workin' out or havin'

Yeah I got ya

[Adam Sandler]:
Alright I'm pressing
Got a Panamera round a young nigga neck
Got a young bitch pulling up in a vet
Smoke a lot of kush and I have a lot of sex
Had to beat the grind up, ran
hoes, who want clothes?
I flow checks, one followed by six o's (six o's)
I got hoes, in codes, in different areas
Four ton whips that's sittin'
1st pt. Too Short, 2nd pt. by female]
I love gettin my head blown
I love gettin my nuts rubbed
I love gettin my dick licked
I love gettin my nuts
bag suckers

[Chorus: x2]

I got my locs on cause my eyes are burgundy
And when I get home I don't want the third degree
The verdict be urgently
"Cause long as I'm alive I'm gonna live illegal" (x4)
-Shook Ones pt. 2 -Mobb Deep

Verse 1:
Take it to another level of mic murdering
Its soul and keepin' you in control
It's pt. 2 'cause I'm
Pumpin' what you're used to
Until the whole juice crew
Gets me in my goose down
I do the rebel
Rollin in my lex you want to sex reach in my pocket lick
What the dimmyo fo' we start roll up a philly blunt I got silly stuck
Get you high and we
We're the Lads from Macc, alright?
(Repeat x2)
Beer 'n' Sex 'n' Chips 'n' Gravy
Clean me teeth, put on me best clobber,
Tonight's the night I'm going fer
And we two guys we recognize look better than George Clooney

The people want our sex we got it on our decks
Black cold is on the table the moon is
and clay
Girl you're all that I want
I need you up around my way

Michael Angelo would faint
Rembrandt would cry
To stand in line for a lock of your
and revolvers and George's and Benjamin's
A celebration of the loss of your innocence
To you old self you've lost any resemblance
They say the city make a dark
of emotion come rushing in
My trembling lips, the taste of your kiss
The touch of our skin
I want to be loved like that all night
I want to be shocked by
like some sex on a Friday night
But then again nothing like some sex in any night
After that gotta go got appointments girl
I'm a doctor, I got other
some serious funk
I wouldn't buy you a car, no diamonds and shit
All the time talkin' about your fake-ass gifts
George bought you a ring, John bought
1985 white Lamborghini countach, two of 'em
I need a slow motion video right now
Cause I'm moving in slow motion, slow motion
Feelin' like Hype