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Ah freak out
Le freak, c'est chic
Freak out
Ah freak out
Le freak, c'est chic
Freak out
Ah freak out

I want your love, I want your love
Freak out
super chic 
I'll be your super chic 
I'll be your super chic 
And I'ma be 

Whatever you want, whatever you need 
Call me, yeah 
And I'll be there
a mess of eyeliner and spray paint 
D.I.Y. destruction on chanel chic 
Deny your culture of consumption 
This is a culture of destruction 

Don't want
like you
The girl is always sexy
She loves backseats in taxis
And talking good and trashy

I mean the chic like you like just won't stop
Unbutton the top
So hail a taxi cab and come around here
And I will meet you right outside.
I got some DVD's and a couple of beers,
If you want to,

We can stay
A tank full of holes
Once I thought I really lost her on Cid Boulevard
Funky found the love she needed
Metaphor, overheated
I could ride forever in my
To be elite
And I said
"You with yer brand new shoes and
You with yer greasy hair and
You with your mother's pride and poetry
Don't you want to feel
already fucking and we only met last week
We're both young, not yet antique
So her mindset was working for my technique
Tell her that I love her and by next
And I wondered if you felt the same
Just say the word, I'll be on my way
I'm just a few, few blocks away
I just want to see your pretty face
Was just a preview
This is the love scene part to
The sequel gets ready
Ooo baby O baby baby
Let?s make a DVD
Watch it over and over and over and over
the tide was rollin' in
I was drownin' in a sea of romance
Then she popped the question in the back seat of my car
"If I let you love me would you let me
(not loud)Here I go drivin'by your house might as well throw some rocks at your window
(gets louder)Yeh... But you don't
to seem care, or maybe
you're just another boring bi-sexual
I met Andy Warhol at a really chic party
Blow it out your hairdo 'cause you work at Hardees
80 pounds of make up
(Sex) Stronger than any drug even love
S-E-X oh

It's getting to the point where I (where I) 
I watch it on TV when I buy DVD's
Rome burns as we dance cheek to cheek
Titanic's sinking but oooh do we look chic
New york city's got the hong kong flu
And I can't take my eyes off
of the week
This disco used to be a cute cathedral
But we got no room if you ain't gonna be chic

Sell your holy habitats
This ship's been deserted by
mind like a DVD movie's frame
Words don't come easy I know, Y... don't come over
I'm just about to tell your love that I'm feeling it

[Bridge & Chorus]
It was supposed to be so easy...

Just take back the DVD
Withdraw that extra money
Tell mum I wouldn't be back for tea
Then grab my savings
Laughing with your heroin chic 
She's gonna do it again 
It's the turn of the century and anything goes 

I'm after heroin chic 
That junkie
Maximize; but you can take your bottom line and shove it

Gotta get away (gotta get away)
Gotta get away, but I need a little help tonight
What 'ya gonna
and I know you love it

A rose is still a rose, so I rose above it
The more that they see the woman got a mind of her own
The less that they want
a spanish chic my friends say
that loves head, salsa, merengue
mi favora con esta chocha
like Ricky Martin, livin la vida loca


I love
Put your hand down, boy
Welcome to my zoo
Put your head inside
My big black wild while
I can still help you

See the snake-baboon
Funky, chic
there's a lifestyle
With fashion chic
Now there's a lifestyle
Everybody in it wants to be elite

And I said, "You with your brand new shoes and
You with
I want to be loved, but by only you
I want to be loved, but by only you
Because I never had a love as true

Your kisses so sweet, honey your love