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now till spring
If we can find a playmate he can play with
Santa, that'll be all you have to bring

And Bobby wants a puppy dog for Christmas
She's gonna to try to steal your heart away from me.

Don't be tempted by her charms
Run Bobby run
If you find her in your arms
Run Bobby run
Plex on the K.B., son, you get shiz-not
Right in your hiz-ead, you'll be diz-ed
Don't front on this nigga, I'mma from New York Ci-zey!
Ya'll butter
Fly on wings of speed
That will bring you home to me
I'll never be free, from the darkness I see
As I wait for your smile

Though my hands are
(Words and Music by Joan Baez)

I'll put flowers at your feet and I will sing to you so sweet
And hope my words will carry home to your heart
Here I am at a famous school
I'm dressin' sharp and I'm actin' cool
I got a cheerleader here wants to help with my paper
I'll let her do all
And that clock strikes 4:20, and you want to get high
No bills get sent when you can't pay the rent
Everyday i get bent yo so i can get by
Bobby Charles

Yeah I'm sittin' here drinkin' again
I'm just spendin' some time with my friend
Then I know that I should be by your side
What am I
You'll always be
Surrounded by love
a pose
Tryin' to get beside me so she can get a hold
Of them ole Bobby Ray Bands
She want them Ray Bands, she want them Ray Bands
Bobby Ray Bands
bring back these used to be's
I can make up each and every scence
I'll do-wop and then laugh at me
And I'd like to rewrite my whole
With you by
Watch me now; I'm goin' down, 

And my name is Bobby Brown,
Watch me now, I'm going down
Haha, yeah, I knew you'd be surprised!
wanna be a pixel boy
He just wants to be a normal boy
A human life is not a toy
And now he's sorry, Bobby knows
What goes around comes around
a guitar on her knees
I drew me.....

With you
Your eyes are as far as I could see
Of all the things a boy would want to be
Back then I knew
So I drew
Watch me now; I'm goin' down, 

And my name is Bobby Brown,
Watch me now, I'm going down
Haha, yeah, I knew you'd be surprised!
Nadie te importa, cariƱo
I want to be digital bobby
Bobby digital
Rza me advertio de bobby
Bobby digital

[bobby digital]
All you analog
if you can bumpin 

Rides laced in a van   nothin 

compares when my niggaz come in 

Ride shotgun and  Bobby keep the love comin 

I'm sittin
Man with 100 cells, the
Refusing what you are given
You want things to be the old way
Resisting the revolutions
Changes are coming anyway
And hug you, and Daisy, and your mom
I'm so proud of you son.'


It's 6 A.M and Bobby's wakin' up
Rolls outta bed with sleepy eyes
in just one little room with only a table and a chair
As happy as I'd be in a kingdom by the sea darling if you're there
[ Bobby ]
And I could be rich
the garden, we get rid of you 

(Bobby you be on that bullshit) ALL THE TIME 

(With them big words and shit) I FREE Y'ALL NIGGAZ MINDS 

beyond the Black River
Where no one will disturb you rest
There you shall lay in your helm and your harness
With your sword across your breast

With a spindle up my b*** till it makes me scream
An' I'll do anything to get ahead
I lay awake nights sayin', "Thank you, Fred!"
Oh God, oh
"you can be the new mist me, me, me
Ain't it true that's what you want to be, yesiree bob
And I'll be somewhere sunny where it's funny and it's free
I now await the hoar of Hel to call
No man saved by a helm of fear
No man is mightier than all

Garms howl I hear as I die
Greed has overcome