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[Chorus: x2]
Yeah I got a couple cribs, so what, nigga
Rollin sittin' on dub, dubs, nigga
But I don't have to wear no diamonds to shine
a dub, catch a deuces
Ya'll hatins useless
It's such a nuisance
Ya'll chickens keep your two cents
And keep your dollars, keep your loot
I'm fresher
a dub crazy
DJ rewind that Naughty with that 3L Dub baby

I move simple, just as sooth mix'll move gentle
I give ya mother, goose pimples goose pimples
lay behind a wall of flesh, engulfed by the homeless
If I escape, I might evaporate my whole state

Plus when Cage ripped in half on the concrete
rocks by myself
Back to the block nigga break yo self
Got somethin' I need don't play yo self

You can freestyle I'm a pay myself
Money over bitches I
to the front, eight cats on the blunt
The tracks gotta pump, the rats wanna thump
We strapped from the junk, got gats in the trunk
My niggas run the V.I