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Written by Tommy Shaw
Lead Vocals by Tommy Shaw

Hannah you're with me in spirit wherever I go
To the ends of the earth and all points between
Fuckin' cockroaches
Motherfuckin' freebandz
Want me to be the bad guy
Wanna motherfuckin' play 
You know 
Come match the cartel nigga

Montana, Tony Montana, Tony Montana
You leave me no choice, take 'em to
Tony Montana, Tony Montana, Tony Montana

I take over the streets, fresh off

I'm a beautiful guy
And you have just walked by
And I have gave you the eye
But you pretend to be shy
But I'm a beautiful guy
(you know what I mean? you
the reason

You know she went to see the doctor
And then she read a magazine
Forget that book, I told her then
Don't wanna hear about the book again
to Bates quick
Rippin' out braids with bare hands amazes
The crowd, go crazy, hands raised, I'm laced with
Swag by the eighth in case you wanna taste it
you know I want it, so I'm glad you came
Now run it, run it - like your name is Usain
Like ooh, kill 'em - like Terio
Ooh, kill 'em - no burial
the Porsche
Tony Montana, Tony Montana, Tony Montana
You leave me no choice, take 'em to
Tony Montana, Tony Montana, Tony Montana

I take over the streets,
do you too!
You remember utah...
You know what happened...

Advance romance
People I am through
I'm through...

Potato-head bobby was a friend
you let go
Fuck what you know
We lost in our zone

On me I've been known
To press a firm line
Ain't nobody give me shit
I had to earn mine
Nobody knows me
I don't wanna name when the days fast [???] the same anyway
Hannah, I feel if I'm lonesome

And now [???]
How it feels to be
got a frown and, you know, ugly mouth and everythin
D there's this one scene where the ah monster is coming out of a cave. see? there's always a scene
with that thing?
What do you do with that thing? yeah!
Wait a minute!
Wait a minute!
Wait a minute!

What do you do with that thing?
I wanna know!
me how a young girl such as you
Might be thrilled and overwhelmed by me...

What hotel did you say you are staying at?

Wanna split right away?

Not so
The day of reckoning, move out of town I recommend
I treated you with proper etiquette
Where were you when I was being in the pen?
The Hannah Montana
'n teeth like pearls.

Wanna love 'em all, wanna love 'em dearly.
Wanna a jellyfish, I'll even pay.
I'll buy 'em furs, I'll buy 'em pizza,
I know they
Mark bolman

Oh, thank you frank
And don't misspell it,
That's not marc bolan
That's mark volman

Hiya friends
I wanna welcome each and everyone
at me, she kinda cute
See a nigga over there, he's steamin' on up like ramen soup

I’ve been tripping, had a blue dream
Breathe into me, you know
Tryin' to get that modana you kno Hannah Montana 
Can find me sittin' Indian style with the dolly lama 
Konichiwa I get my yin and say sayonara 
of Mexico
Sometime I wanna be in L'ousiana
Down by the gulf of Mexico
And then sometime
I don't know where in the world I wanna go 

Ain't it bad, people
know she likes it Doggy
Ooo ahh la di da di
Ooo ahh touch my body

Girl lets get Freaky Now
Lick you all up and down
I got them lips
steve stills
And he didn't even wanna ball me
I can see that...
Listen, the thing is baby, I want some action, you know
I'm only here for a couple
I'll do my steps all by myself
I don't need nobody to play with me
But if you just give me a chance
I can put you in a trance the way I dance
of an evangelist preacher from the southern United States.]

Thank you very much, Mr. Zappa.

Ah, I'm very pleased to be here on behalf of the Administration--
All over America!

I want the whole wide world to know
that Pato Banton is on the go.
Just like a tree that plant by the rivers of water
I will surely