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we both got
Better things to do
I'll hold your hand
Or shall we dance together
It's so hard to choose

Every time we hear
The whole world rushing by
will write your books
And I will paint my paintings by the sea
But now I'll be Lolita if you please
I wanna kiss you
I wanna kiss you
I wanna stop
cause it flies by
You know, them Marty mcfly vibes
See, I can picture the bright lights
Sights and night skies and boats go by
I don't why it happened
you baby
Before it hits the floor
Neighbors say I wanna know
What the hell she screaming for
I?ll give you all the things
You?ll beg for more and more
into your cat woman eyes 
Turn back time, cause it flies by 
You know, them Marty Mcfly vibes 
See, I can picture the bright lights 
Sights and night
don't wanna hurry
I wanna take a lifetime to
Memorize your face
Wanna hold you closer--kiss you longer
Wanna hear your heartbeat--
Do you wanna dance and hold my hand?
Tell me that I'm your man
Baby, do you wanna dance?
Do you wanna dance under the moonlight?
Squeeze and kiss
Tryin' to be loved
I'm 30 mill and a fan club
What you got signed for
I spent on some rugs
DVD's and TV's and that's just in the car
Borderline genius
naked baby

Girl I feel the way you love me, hold me at night and hug me
You got the phone from my pocket to beep me and bug me
Forget the do rag, I ain't
should be strong
And equally as tender
I only ask for the chance to know the meaning
Of the word ?surrender?

I wanna be thrilled by only you, dear
the world together
We'll take them by the hand

'Cause I've got a hand for you, oh
'Cause I wanna run with you

Yesterday, I saw you standing there
Run from ogc and get caught by heltah skeltah
Jack to the other side, run for cover hide
And you still wouldn't be safe even if I let em slide
they wanna hold me back
I multiplied my hustle, stimulated my mind
Motivated my niggas and we'll never divide, no

These niggas won't hold me back
your body
I wanna give you all my tender loving tonight

I wanna feel
I wanna hold
I wanna touch your body
And show you sweet love 
and hold you
She plays aggressive, but she's still shy
But you never know her softer side
By lookin' in her eyes

Knowing she can do for herself
Makes me wanna give
on the streetz 
Watch my dvd
I'm in love with W.E.E.D
Please pass the blunt don't hold the blunt
Couse if the laws come you gone be the first to run
go now
I wanna go mad and shout it out
I wanna go peace will hold no war will bring me down

Carry the weight by the ghosts in your bag
Does it
No I just don't wanna dance,
With her tonight,
'Cause I'm feeling sad and blue,
It just ain't right,
I just wanna have you by my side,
To love
me to follow their path to the afterlife

I've got an appetite
For nice things and pipe dreams that my enemies could be blasted by

New metaphors
I wanna know where you are, I wanna know when you leave your home.
I wanna call in the night and feel your bones around mine.
I'll hold you safe
hold your picture by the bed, you're still livin' in head. At least I can pretend, that your not over me, 'cause I can't be just friends, just friends,
I don't wanna dream about you
Every single night
I don't wanna get all shook up
When I hold you tight

I don't wanna settle down
I'm just ain't ready
I wanna be free,
Like the bluebirds flying by me,
Like the waves out on the blue sea,
If your love has to tie me,
Don't try me, say good-bye.
I wanna be free
Like the bluebirds flying by me
Like the waves out on the blue sea
If your love has to tie me
Don't try me, say good-bye
I wanna
feel alright

Hold on to the love we have together
Hold on, don't you say goodbye
Want you to tell me now before we lose forever
Girl, I don't wanna