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wanna taste yo ecstasy
I just wanna go divin'
In your pool, I'm risin'
Lets do it 'til we both go ooh
Shake your body down girl go ooh
Got my kisses
freaky, ooh

Girl and the way you flexing that g-string
And you got me tossing this money
I got hotel keys, wanna leave wit me?
Then baby girl hop inside
Do you wanna, do you wanna do you wanna get freaky
Do you wanna get freak with da G
Do you wanna really really get freaky, get freaky
Check it out,
see them pussy lips
u know what time it is so why u wastin it?
u wanna fuck i wanna fuck so why u fakin it?
u like to ride a dick or do it doggy
do somethin' for a real nigga
Go and do somethin' for a boss
Do somethin' for a boss, do somethin'

You got a ass make a nigga wanna buy a ring
You got
before I get in it
I'm gonna tell you boo what I really wanna do I wanna

I grew this thing called freaky, y'all
Sex on my brain, it was the best thing
Looking like you must be straight out of the country
Honey, what I wouldn't do for a sweet little somethin' like you

I see you dancing over there with
those who ain't yet
Make you they lil' ball of clay
Be free and express yourself
Nastiness comes naturally
Listen to me now

It could be the way I wanna
Are you liking what you see?
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

Uh, come on
So you wanna bill papa
I don't buy it, say heart stopper
Cause I move fast
tied up little tank top
Looking like you must be straight out of the country
Honey, what I wouldn't do for a sweet little somethin' like you

I wanna
And be somebody
I'm growin' up as fast as I can
I gotta make some money
Don't wanna live by their rules

In and out the day
In and out the night
know what I mean
When I say I don't wanna be alone?
What I mean when I say
I don't wanna be alone?
Empty spaces
Shadows hit by streetlights
With warning
and I'll do whatever I gotta
Girl I'll start off at the bottom but I end up at the top
Where you rock is your problem
We're all alone turn off the phone
I gotta tell you somethin' 
If you down then nothin's wrong

Ooh I, know you wanna feel my body, kinky freaky -freaky kinky.
Ooh you,
and a brand new hair weave"
A bump bump bump
Now thats all I wanna do
A bump bump bump
Thats my song thats thats what I wrote down on the peice of paper
Do you mind if I wanna pull on your hair?
(Do you mind if I wanna pull on your hair?)

Do you mind holdin' onto somethin' while I'm workin' in
get freaky
N' to start it off I got one question
For you tell me do you mind?

Do you mind if I wanna put my lips right there ?
(Ohh, do you mind
whip, we can get off in the rear 
Do whatever freaky you want to do 
Yup, I'm in to that too 
I know you wit it, so say you wit it 
We can skip
Girl ya makin' me want to
If you like, we can change the scene
And go somewhere with me
Ya body's callin' me
You already know what I wanna do

Morenita que rica esta,
She don't speak Spanish, ay mama,
That's cool 'cause I'll put the Spanish in ya,
And by the end of the night you'll say ay papa.
and out
(Can you hear me now)
Millions more just like you
Afraid to do what they wanna do
(Am I getting through)

Lots of losers hanging round
Tryin' to see what you gone do
Shawty I ain't playin no games
I ain't tryin' to be yo mayn
I just wanna cut you up, Slice you up like cold cuts
babe, the lover in you

This is for the lover in you
The lover in you, babe, the lover in you

I wanna do somethin' freaky to you
Take you
on over 
Let's try it 
Before the moment passes us by 
Every night this week we've talked about it 
Let's just do it 
When I start I don't stop 
Neneh Cherry shit, I got somethin slicker
Let me just sip up on this liquor
All I wanna do is smoke a little chronic
Slam ya like Onyx, and get ya