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Stella Matter, light is failing, 
Making such a fool of thee,
When you'd love to be someone
This is the time, I've set aside.

From selling old
and night but he didn't wanna die
He cried, oh Lord, please let me live, death is close I know
God smiled down on Isaac and gave him fifteen years to go.
Every morning when I rise, baby
I look into your sexy eyes, baby
Your love refreshing is good to me, baby
There's no other place I'd rather be
All dark effects I'd long withstood
Upon my room advanced
The moving shade of Birnam Wood
Disguised by broken branch

I struck firm the hollow
a voice on the telephone line:
"Kill the niggers, kill the homos, Jew bitch die."

Five-year-old Isaac woke screaming in the gloom.
"Mommy, there's
the nighttime, be the right time, to ball
(Yeah) Who's the real pimp, gangster hustler, you call out
Is it him, is it him or is it, Dukes over there?
Must be a perfume factory
Just one of many ancient travesties
We're all descendants of the pharisees

Tiny European cars
Are bouncing off my shins
Taylor & zac: "go back to the island boy"
Ya, ya, ya, ya,
Taylor & zac: "are you ready? how ya goin' get there? "
Isaac: "by mail boat"
Taylor & zac: "are
All yall niggas wanna get like me
Surrounded by bitches that look like these
They know it, you know it
You know it, you know it
All my niggas be
[Isaac Hayes]
See that young blood, comin down the street
Don't be hypnotized by the stride of his feet..
Pickpockets.. streetwalkers.. number runners..
All y'all niggas wanna get like me
Surrounded by bitches that look like these
They know it, you know it
You know it, you know it
All my niggas be
All the women in the factory 
When their faces blow a fuse it's a miracle 
I have to feed them facts to be alone 

Oh, fellas
If I were to take your place tonight
Wouldn't Jesus be surprised

There's no savior hanging on this cross
It isn't suffering we fear but loss
get some clay around their feet"
"No ones memory is sacred 'round here
On Revisionism Street"

"We'll never be in the arena"
"Hey, we'll never have
divide us, we will always be as one

There were roses, roses
There were roses
And the tears of a people ran together

It was on a Sunday morning when
I'll be there when you're sleepin'
And every hour you're awake
I wanna hear your secrets--
Wanna share your worries
Wanna go the deepest--

There ain't nothing that you done to deserve His mercy, and His grace
Can I get a witness on that? 
Thank ya Isaac
You were bout to lose
and it just won't leave my mind.
I'll tell you now of two good friends. They were both good friends of
Isaac Scott from Derry, he lived just across
Isaac Hayes
Gabby Hayes, well
Willie Mays
Helen Hayes
Speakin' of Helen

Well it's gettin' near dark
When the lights be closin' your tired
I wanna be thin
I wanna be small
I wanna be pinned up high and studied on the wall

I wanna be sold
I wanna be fit
I wanna be there.

I wanna be
to Colonel Harvey, "Now, let there be no delay,
If we're to reach the Yankee camp before the break of day.
I'll take you through the woods by night where I
And we surrender to Your sovereign will 

Oh Lord God of Abraham? 

Lord God of Abraham 
Isaac and Israel 
Let it be known today that You are God 
There is
And be with you and watch the wind blow by
And all I wanna see is you and me
Go on forever like the clear blue sky
Slowly, there's only you and I
I wanna be with you there's nothing more to say
There's nothing else I want more than to feel this way

I wanna be with you

So I'll hold you
I've seen too much 
There is just too much 
Thought in my head 

I wanna be numb 
I don't wanna feel this pain no more 
Wanna lose touch 
I just