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part the Fuehrer the one part the Pope 
It's the inevitable return baby of the Great White Dope 

Conclusions you drew proportions you blew 
Lost son
wore Shiseido Red
And we drank tea by her side

Sweet sweet
Used to be so sweet to me

Muhammad my friend
I'm getting very scared
Teach me how
at the U.S. Air Force base
And somewhere in the distance, out beyond the setting sun
They will sign a proclamation: Order 1081

Now, we live down by
And all the works that you see go on I and I no mash no corn
So work hard push and pull together work hard work hard yea we want some good
Work hard
so tight
With that substance you need, start a family tonight
Big body murk, LED lights and it's all overpriced
The dollar been cheap than a bitch
that trap when you hear that gun sound
God say "Son, you don't wanna go down"
Now you praying in that trap when you hear that gun sound

And I told you
Can no one withstand the power of their god?

Sent by their pope 
They rewarded tolerance With no mercy 
To reclaim their Holy lands They had
Life'll be so much better
When Ringo buys a rifle

Tried to keep his head level
Was possessed by the devil
Church is callin' Ringo's mom
Telling her Ringo's
Big head, I thought I told ya!
Big head, I thought I told ya!

You gotta get that money no matter what you do
You gotta get that money and represent
back to me
Back to me, back to me

I thought it was a lark when you phoned my dad
And told him that you'd have to catch the measles
You're flesh was
Priests told women with red hair
They'd better "take care"
They didn't need a reason
For bloody treason!

let me die
I want to see god

so what is church
Bhagavad Gita
Do the pranayama 'til your spine gets sore
I'll tell you for free
'Cause God told me
We checked it with the Pope and so we all agree
Get benched by the coach like exit post

I wrote murder, so you can say it's Murder He Wrote
You think I'm Hell sent, so you repent to the Pope
they feelings
I got advice from my father, all he told me was this
Niggas, get off your ass if you plan to be rich
There's ten rules to the game, but
Haha, swifty mcvay! 
Mr. porter, the kon artis (ha!)
I told you we wasn't leavin, c'mon! 

I come from a jungle, with a trunk load of punk hoes
Sidled up for a dance
I tried a new step and fell in the plants
I told a joke, about the pope
It wasn't as funny as i would've hoped

Nobody told me
makes pink, so what's that make you?
Become a creature of habitat, the average cat
Won't see where it's at, or where it's goin'

The hood waits for no one
your heart
You will know what I mean
We've been polluted so long
Now here's a way for you to get clean

By chanting the names of the Lord and you
and done

It's so much more when you chilling by the shore
Living life to decor, spending nights at the fall
Season, no Venetians just drapes and rails
Nigga you can't fuck with me
From the jump I told you I cannot be faded
Never been no mystery
Never took no shit and always got my thang

[Nate Dogg]
Evita win through?
(Aides:) But the answer is yes
There you are, I told you so
Makes no difference where she goes
The whole world over just
Haha, swifty mcvay! 
Mr. porter, the kon artis (ha! )
I told you we wasn't leavin, c'mon! 

I come from a jungle, with a trunk load of punk hoes
(I'd give 'em back to be through with you)
(And so what my momma likes you)
(What now I guess you think I will too)
(Even if the Pope he said he liked
Hell nobody's perfect
One hundred percent
No saint, no Pope, no King no Queen
No President

But our hunger for heroes
Has made us blind
she hiccup
Had T.D. Jakes round this bitch doing stick-ups
Rhymes so real, thought I wrote it in Pac blood
Told me in my dreams that these niggas is