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Check it out, it's the end of the beginning
The end being of like10 years ago when I first started rapping
All I wanted to do was make
how tech is blessed
And yes, the best in-town rep
On the real, I keep it trill
And when I spit, I ain't spilling about my million
It's the feeling
I thought it was love but it was only a touch
And when you left me, I knew

I was fooled by a feeling
Now I'm feeling like a fool

Fooled by
To all my fans
The people, who don't know..
What I been goin through
To make my, own..

Now it's time to hurt your feelings as I upsets
and folks
Neither of us asked if or when
We would see each other again
But I thought that was cool
'cause I was already late for school
By then
Ever since I was younger, I was into video games
Tron or whatever, it didn't matter the name
Thousands of my dollars, have been poured into all types
Well it made me make a mess
And I was left in a puddle of

In the distance I could hear
Words of wisdom whizzing by my ear
So I shut my brain
the mirror hate it
State it, stop being an MC and give your verses more weight
For being just empty, thoughts are oxidised when I spit em out
And my lungs
pay, for the tuck and nip
Call the Hoover remover, by the time they was through-ah
Her whole body would look the way she thought it should
They shake
on the mosquito with a dope needle
Then they shot it in a wild lion, 1983
I popped out holdin' a iron with a visor on
Yeah, uh huh, ha ha ha
Yo, the videos are like
on the mosquito with a dope needle
Then they shot it in a wild lion, 1983
I popped out holdin' a iron with a visor on
Yeah, uh huh, ha ha ha
Yo, the videos are like
gon' forget it, watch my video on
Tonight I got a feeling that
All she gon' wanna do is look into the camera and pose
Over me she say she's gone, but
by choice
All this time I knew
That average was something to fall back on
After genius ends
I watch video only difference is it's flat and (?)
Thought I was over you thought I could start anew
I got a new job, new friends on the other side of town
But here you are again just like a long
ANd make it last foever
Over and Over
Double 'A' side promo
Once more without feeling
Once more without failing
One more time playing the stupid
myself alone
With just a thought of you
I can't feel that joy that's only melt
By its trace and few
You just continue to thrill me 
Even when you
feeling about this.
I'm coming over but it never was enough,
I thought of you and my worst brings out the best in you.
And I got a bad feeling about
And twenty one was over the hill you feel
To pick up girls was always your wet dream
You laughed about the communist century
Now it's the Marx
Juan was executive producer, Juan had beats I had flows
Scoob and Txx Will did promotion
Got it where Mitch Bade was the shit and got Kansas City open
in his car
And he thinks track 4 and 6 are contenders
Put the play lists are so tight
That we gotta do it right
But he's getting a good feeling
Little Movement 
Every little movement, 
Has a meaning of it's own 
Every thought and feeling, 
By some posture can be shown. 
And every love thought
The way that it was and could have been surrounds me
I'll never get over you walkin' away

I've never been the kind to ever let my feelings show
And I
Thinkin' in this rental blastin' instrumentals
How we first met was all on my mental
It was at Great Adventure, the 'Batman Ride'
Thought I was deaded
to believe it's on you
I live in peace I could sleep but I don't choose I'ma animal the promos
The station, the movies rap Rebecca Lobo
I run elbows with
don't want it -- why'all get it worse
Which one of why'all motherfuckers is waitin for the mic first?
I hope your bitch is in the audience
Your wife