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Oh, I didn't mean anything by it, Rod. I just think it's
Something we should be able to talk about.

I don't want to talk about it, Nicky! This
Monday was the day we met.
Tuesday I was flying.
Wednesday she was far away.
Friday caught me crying.

If I ever see that girl again I'm gonna tell
I got my fat, sweet mama drop me off by the river
I got a joint, 3 Millers and 12 chicken livers
I got a spot ‘neath the bridge by the expressway
name is ironic
I’m 12 feet tall, my life is hard
I’m a little lost, is this the right studio?
I work for Rod Stewart, you know what? I’m gonna go
I wear
Through on by one
There's just so much work
To get done

I can't be bothered to miss you anymore
Month 12, day 31, and hour 24
I used to think if I
Vaguely inspired by an Otis Spann number, 
And again it's an attempt to widen 
The scope of a plain 12 bar sequence,
In fact the verses are 14
I've been afraid that I had missed the 
Chance of a lifetime
And by the way
I've tumbled with romance, girl,
And I don't cry
But now I'm
But somewhere in the race we run
We're coming undone

Days go by
I can feel 'em flying
Like a hand out the window in the wind as the cars go by
of Nowhereville
Irish setter, my old guitar, .22 rifle, and a rod and reel
Read that Bible Mama gave me
Maybe stumble on some words to save me
Think I’d really like
I look at the sunrise
I look at it earn
I look into your eyes
Don't know where to turn
I'm gonna drift into that void
I'm flying through space
Norwegian style
Ready to show them what I can
Little bird came flying by
And as northern flames light up the sky
That bird was singing out of range
And I
don't try too hard, but I get by.

You sit there with your fancy cigar and you think, â??I got it madeâ??,
I don't want no fast car, whoa no.

I'm never
Fuck the silly shit, I pull a mac milli quick,
When D12 rock this summer it's over with.
All these bitches and all these hoes,
What the fuck you
will I ever learn 
When will my heart discern 
Just come back and love me and need me 

See me trying 
I'm on the wing 
No fear of flying 
The early light is breaking
The morning sun is waiting in the sky
And I think I'm gonna break away
And follow where the birds of freedom fly
Watching from below, I'm reminded
My girl is ready

I can't believe that your plane is flying
It seems so heavy
Watching from below, I'm reminded
Out on the old coast highway
Flying through the night,
Jed got stopped by the CHP
For speedin' and no brake lights.

Rolled down the driver's
What a crazy life
That's flying by
We only survive to get done
We all live and die on borrowed time
On a rock we ride around the sun

And I know, I
I look at the sunrise
I look at it earn
I look into your eyes
Don't know where to turn
I'm gonna drift into that void
I'm flying through space
When the night
Seems to say
All hope is lost
Gone away
But I know
I'm not alone
By the light
She stands

There she waves
Faithful friend
fly by my window 
I'm Flying can't you see me I'm flying 
You and I can find a way to see 

Dragonfly, the years ahead will show 
How little we
livin by my wits
This morning's paper called for romance on a whim
I reckon I'd believe em' if they told me sink or swim
I'm under water not on fire but
by firelight
And your pretty eyes, looking at me so bright
Like I’m your one delight
You’ve got me spinning, spinning out
Don’t think that I can
of regret
All start with grains of sand
Everytime "I love you" goes unspoken
Everytime "I'm sorry" goes unsaid
Every door before us left unopened
Is just
Now, ain't I something?

You'd think that I have lived and learned
After all the times that I've been burned by you
But I'm still lost