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finally come around

The first song I ever sang was haggard
Momma sang to me I saw the Light
I'd turn my radio up louder 
To hear Johnny Cash walk
'll leave the first light of day
This one goes out
To my beautiful stranger
I slipped so quietly away

By the window where she stands
She counts the beads in
Red Slovine Carl and Pearl Butlerand Cowboy Copus
Lester Flat Stringbean Jimmy Gateley Mel Street
Jim Reeves and Patsy Cline
I saw all the stars in
My airbag light's been on for weeks
And I keep having dreams
Where I go through the windshield but I don't fix it
Patsy Cline came and sang to me
a big head later Mr. Lease Split Wig
Fucked around nigga 15, I spend
22's with the shoes, five T.V.'s
PlayStation with that DVD
Smoked out tent no need
big body Benz it's the navigators
In the hood, servin freaks like I'm a restaurant waiter
Blue lights on the Jag cus I love to shine
Keep it by my
only grows at a phenomenal rate
Out of 50 I done ran through 39 of these states
The love that I receive I'm earnin it
From the SMACK DVD shit to the 50K