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Otis Redding said
It just didn't work out

I'm gonna follow
Solomon Burke's advise
*'Tonight's The Night'
It's all over, honey

'Cause I need someone
real gone
I'm real gone

Wilson Pickett said:
"In the midnight hour,
That's when my love comes tumbling down"
Solomon Burke said:
"If you need me, why
was, "Sorry"

Well, time went by and my poor heart healed
I found me a woman who's love is real
Man she's a looker, the apple of my eye
And every
the lions let go
E is for Elijah, up to heaven he went
F for the furnace where Shadrach was sent
G for Goliath, by a boy he was slain
H is for Hannah who
on the hill and in the valley
Performing miracles and didn't get no pay.
No synagogue that was built by Jesus Christ.

Give I the older time religion.
the favorite tunes

And back by the bar playing cards looking hard
Was big bad Solomon Jones
And watching over his luck
Was the love of his life
Is the lady that
the Key you'll find)...

David said to Solomon
When he was about to die
"You're gonna build my temple
When I'm by the good, The Good Lord's Side
Don't you
all that bullshit in the media (mm)
Girl it was you who made it easier, which is why I write this piece to ya (oh)

Said I'm sorry for everything
I met her in the magic garden, she was cloaked in blue
And when I asked her name she said it will be known to you
White pillar to her left, black
Down in the hollow
By the old olive tree
And I'm sorry
If my heart breaking
Ruined your day 
Oh well
Sometimes It be that way

I said
Down in the hollow
By the old olive tree
And I'm sorry
If my heart breaking
Ruined your day 
Oh well
Sometimes It be that way

I said
beginning said she was mine
Never been no love like this
Since Sheba and Solomon
Cause I'm

Sitting on a throne of gold
Yes I'm
Sitting on a throne
As I did walk by Hampstead Fair
I came upon Mother Goose
So I turned her loose
But she was screaming

And a foreign student said to me
Was it
'm sorry if you had
To explain it like this
I'm sorry I was a point
You were destined to miss
And I'm sorry
I spoke to you irreverently
Down in the hollow
took me by the arm
I knew that very instant
She meant to do me harm

Depart from me this moment
I told her with my voice
Said she,but I don't wish
fuck you

Had to play catch by myself, what a sorry sight
A pitiful plight, so I pray for a starry night
Please send me a pops before puberty
proceed to pick her up but she was soon to forget 
I hit and told her gobble my rebels 
Then I said Sorry N' Shit

You hate my everything
Familiar fishscale, everybody plays the fool
The +Older Gods+ givin' me jewels
The younger Gods givin' me tools
Solomon Allah, I feel I was jerked
With A Table Leg Like I Was Ted Bundy
I Bludgeoned You You're Bloodied I Think It's Kinda Of Funny
First I'll Take Your Money And Then I'll Swipe Your
Guess I fooled everybody
Said I'd love you till the day that I die
Even if you didn't love me
Sorry baby, I guess I lied
You're gone and I'm still
Well you told my friends as I was passin' by
You're not sorry that you made me cry
You said I deserve just what I got
If that's how you feel well
As I watched the tail lights disappear
Suddenly it got real lonely here
I know the words I could have said
To make her turn around
But a lot of good
Again and again just endangered with my friends 
Extremely bold and honest I'll be 

When it comes to me I said I'm sorry 
But you don't hear me 
love or even
Found another something not to tell me 
Now I feel sorry for the things that I've said
Now I feel sorry for the ways I might have held
your mind
Feelin' sorry I was so unkind

Goin' nowhere tonight mama,
Can't take it no more
I called your number and your daddy said,
You've just