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lil' ass kicked
Niggaz laughed, til the first motherfucker got blas-ted
I put the nigga in his casket
and now they covering the bastard in plastic
Master MC 
One hundred skills if you ever try to fuck me 
Feet come first, sometimes not the head 
Some niggas eat, some don't get fed 
If you live by
Forties of Busch I be poundin'
I ain't dead in the head like Manson
I'm more laid back than motherfuckin' Ted Danson

Hanson brother style when
've seen what I have seen
I put the pen to the paper
'Cause it's all a part of me

Be it a song or a casual conversation
To hold my tongue speaks
only write by the moon
Every word handwritten
Every word handwritten

And with this pen, I thee wed
From my heart to your distress

Every word
Except Ricard, he just scored ten 
Now Road Hog's getting drunk again 
And I only get to hold my pen 
Instead of what I love to hold the most.
You stood close by
And didn't make a sound

Say something

Find you some paper 
And I'll go grab you a pen 
You can start taking notes 
On how
And disposable by design. 

Get lovely lovely lovely my girl 
I don't wanna be the one to tell you 
The luckiest luckiest luckiest world 
Is the one between
To hold the only joy the world did not destroy
A laughing little brown eyed boy she calls her own
Though he leads her by the hand and tries to be
save us all if he lets the cat out the bag.

Who's the one to blame for this strain in my vocal chords?
Who can pen a hateful threat but can't hold
'Cause you don't believe in
Me and all my reasons
Left me with these demons
And this little pen
And this nostalgic feeling
Only me alone
I'm faking
nigga fucked
Only connect the real, stayin down with the true
I got love for you Ant, you a real nigga Spook
My nigga Spoonie Gee, I can only name
to lose everything we got
'Cause all we really got is our word, word, word
The pen is greater than the sword
La, da-da, da, da, da, da, da

and I know it's making you sick
There's nothing there; it's like eating air
It's like drinking gin with nothing else in
That doesn't hold me together
There's a party going on in here, for real
I got more product than Ron Popeil
So deal with that, troop, we're troopers
The only air time you get
to put back together what’s been taken apart

I didn’t want to leave but I didn’t want to linger 
Fatalist, optimist, magical thinker 
You only hold
The cops is closing in, I can do the time 
But what's really on my mind, is there's no hoes in the pen 
I play the low and try and make it hard
It's the end of the beginning
So I thought it only right that I bring along the
Motherfuckers I started this shit with
2003MG Melancholy
'm a North Memphis nigga
My nigga to my last days
And when I'm dead and I'm gone let the blunts blaze
See lifting weights in the pen got me toned up
better than my competitor
You should never underestimate the fashion
I hold for the stage whether I'm coolin' or thrashin''
Clockin' the concoction created
contact never no more that's a promise 

You hold toast, well I hold Thomas 

Golden nooks and crannies 

Win my ticket raffle off the recycled
Rappin' like a Mac 10, as soon as I begin
The only way to stop the stealin'
Is throw me in the pen
But that will never happen
'Cause I'm just
and I know it's making you sick
There's nothing there; it's like eating air
It's like drinking gin with nothing else in
That doesn't hold me together
And I know it's making you sick
There's nothing there, it's like eating air
It's like drinking gin with nothing else in
That doesn't hold me together.
'm hip 

Everything I said flows since my intro 
I plant a thought extend and then grow 
Holdin' my pen tightly it might be 
Controversy at first when