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[Ving Rhames]
He's a hustler, unbound by law
A self-made, millionaire
With a wreckless disregard, for the haters
Ludacris, on "Southern Gangsta"
[Ludacris (Chris Brown)]
Chris breezy (it's me)

I know what them girls
I know I know what them girls
I know I know
[Ludacris (Chris Brown)]
Chris breezy (it's me)

I know what them girls
I know I know what them girls
I know I know
of the night

It's inevitable and incredible, listen, it's Luda!

By the end of the night you goin' be wanting to marry a nigga
Cause I make 'em
I do
Wasn't all that, only hit it once
Told her I ain't down with the déjà vu
You gon' boss when you just came home
And your ex got a baby with
the click-clack, ain't no need for the steel
Just a straight house party and some meat on the grill

[DJ Quik]
If it's Los Angeles, watch a boss handle biz
Yesterday by the paper stand
I felt the power of another religion
Rebels with a cause came out of the sun
And spoke the only language they'd been
it, throw it a boss wanna see it
Just give me a call and I'll beat it
I'll be all where your seat is
Mary jane got me moving slow, I blow that by
dirty-ass ho.
Yeah. Stop by that convenience store and pick up them rubbers - 
magnum I hope. This is Phazon Love and uhh, I love hoes.
I just don't pay
- I pack more nuts than Delta Airlines
I'm fly, even when I get high I work cash
And even got my coats bumped up to first cla**
I'm boss to all
[Ludacris (Chris Brown)]
Chris breezy (it's me)

I know what them girls
I know I know what them girls
I know I know
and the caviar, 
You know who we are, cause we pimping all over the world

Sing it hoes,
All over the world baby, it's only right that I share my
So I'm just sitting in this rehab class
Trying to get myself unhooked on ass
So then my teacher asked me a question
Like Ludacris are you over there
No need to even ask it, who's the boss?
When the dreadlocks swing and the roof come off
The crunk juice got me up all night and shit
And it last
stackin' it
She don't need no introduction, she's a diamond of daw
And I don't mean no janitor, the way she mopping the flow
Tattoo on her backs saying
masters, slaves
The mentality I carry with me to this very day
Fuck rich, let's get wealthy, who else gon feed we?
If I need it, I'mma get it however, God
enjoy the fruit of within my cash stack
Just in case a nigga got to use his rat-ta-ta-ta-tat

Own boss own yawt, masters, slave
The mentality I carry with
Oh you feel that as I take you to them dirt roads deep in your southern roots 
When nobody said life was going to be easy 
And we
I just tally up the digits
He count it by the band
I just count it by the midget
If we on the same accord
I'll take you out that Honda Civic
oodles of noodles
And testing me is like pitbulls put up to poodles
My rap career goes back further than yo' father hairline
It's Ludacris, I pack more
a sweet senorita
Writin' my name in the sand
I need a break from this job and this angry boss man

Some coconut lotion, a chair by the ocean
Just sit
real, aww, it's testimony time
Oh who is that? Young Chris Bridges
Boy I'm glad you finally grew into them ears
Go on and testify

I don't think Fritz Lang was a fantasist
Metropolis exists is this
If you listen close you can hear the piss

Every day's another loss
'm talkin' Japanese Denim (Boss), money stuffed in 'em
Got the coolest of the cars and the baddest of the women (What)
(All I have in this world (Boss), all
or sniffin some coke
I know by the time I finish this line ima hear this on the radio

Once upon a time in Kyla park
Where they live life fast