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bound by myself.

So fill your heart to live in love,
lock arms with your brothers,
break the binds of this flesh.
This mindless flesh that devours.
Yo, wassup? we are Mindless Behavior

We just want to give a shout out to all of our beautiful fans out there
For purchasing our debut album.
We hope
I see your face,
Lost without trace,
I see your mind, just an empty space.

Mindless child of motherhood,
You have lost the thing that's good.
judged not by you but by a perfect one
You commit the great sin by calling one a sinner

Heartless and mindless, you judge, disparage and ridicule
not a punishment.

Hypnotize by your rotten behavior
This week's fashion is last year's flavor
I got a head full of sermons and a mouth full
and everything was copasetic
An officer came, shined his light, and said ("son, you can forget it!")
I yelled for help, but the punk said, "there's no one left
A night like this
You were wasted
Like a teenager in love
I felt your touch, it was naked
And I could not give you up

Suddenly the room started

He said I love you baby
But you got a big insurance policy
And I really
Need the paper.

Strange behavior by the sea. (se-e-e)
He'd be
"send" key!
I wanna see you wind it
'cause that natural "G" is in me!
I wanna rock with my lil' bros! (What up?!)
I'm on my "Mindless behavior"
Mind glazing, that's pacing
Heart breaking, dilatation
Impatient, escape
In case you can	stay still
Why did I do it again?
I'm goin' thru it,
Have thrilled my senses beyond all haste
In your beauty, I've known the how
Of timeless bliss, this moment of now

Planet Earth are you just
Floating by
you just
Floating by, a cloud of dust
A minor globe, about to bust
A piece of metal bound to rust
A speck of matter in a mindless void
A lonely
I just can't get over (over losing you)

Look, you're a tough new book to crack
Feel the pain of a mindless shark attack
Born, to be mine
Side by
on your baddest behavior

Take control of the ways that you grab me
Girl, I love the way that you have me
Get on top and ride it like a taxi
Falling for
and nothing gets between 
I love, let the seats above 
Now baby whole got love
It's why ain't seeing being 
You can be the princess girl what's up?

We'll shoot our guns and watch you fall
We're the mindless useless ones
The ones you shit and spit upon
We'll gain power you will see
For love that never fades away
Mindless, like a pawn
Misleaded by darkness
Shadows, mere memories
Of time that could have been
Silently I
the saviour

Well I really can't tell
By the way that your behavior

I'll take you off the boat
Put you under my wing

Yeah, you could pull my leg
the stances of belief, accepting all things to end

An anguish deserved by many, an anguish absorbed by one
With blood we feed the master, like a long trail
crush song
I would go to jail with only boys
Just to prove I was as tough as you
And when I get out for good behavior 

I'll be writing love songs
I want it with whipped cream on it
Baby gimme gimme gimme your love
'Cause I'm hungry you can't keep it from me
Lord knows you got more than
You're speaking words
But all I ever heard
Is white noise from weird boys

You're spacing out
By the way
What's that face about
me all the time

When you say yo then I say hey love
You hit me with a sad face what I do?
I hit you with a question mark
You send me back a J slash K
A mindless pop song to distract you from the problems that occupy your
A little story about a man who should have listened to his own advice.
Hunt till four
Maybe catch a couple of rodents
You know carnivore

Sheep in the meadow
Nibbling on some clover
One of the sheep wanders over