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evidently boy 
Duckin' in the police boy 
All for the love of 

Growin' it up 
Cut it down 
Pack it up 
Pass it around 
Everybody loves
We smoking marijuana and we just don't care
We got it right here
So blaze up the chalice with the ganja

Verse: 1
Herbs by the parcel, herbs
We smoking marijuana and we just don't care
We got it right here
So blaze up the chalice with the ganja

Verse: 1
Herbs by the parcel, herbs
Old gray fence, tar chip road
Martin's creek, almost home
Whitetail buck by a one lane bridge
Around the bend up on the ridge
There's Thompson's
Marijuana inna your brain
Takes more time to ejaculate
Roll up a spliff and drowse away the day
With marijuana inna your brain

I'm knocking
just wanna quarrel me
I smoke the marijuana and get high
Stay above the wickeds and fly
Love is the order of the day you better find it
I'm a big man
You can tell by the way I walk that I got 'em
Bail any girl that I wanna
Got bitches 'n marijuana
I can tell by the way you move that you a problem
have my first car
I thought I was really something 'til Becky Thompson broke my heart
That first taste of love really did me in
Getting over her slow
Multiply the stars in the sky by the grains of sand
Satisfy me
Your love's better than I ever planned
Tantalize me honey bee
I'm at your command
marijuana trees blowing in our breeze
I see fields forever growing wild and free
Wild and free

A crime against nations
A war is there is a message
By Rebecca St. James, Becca Boucher, Butterfly Boucher And Joshua Thompson

Inwardly, I
See your smile
And I reach for, I reach for it
'Cause I know
Lyrics by Jimmy Buffett
Music by Buffett, Kunkel, Guth, P. Mayer, J. Mayer
I'm a cultural infidel, painting in the dark
I'm a cultural infidel,
good business
Good grief, what is?
When we smoking marijuana for free
Ain't no question 'bout this paper
My mind is on a different angle
Wish I
Illicit solariums of my nativity
A lachrymal tale of how I came to be
Starting when aromatic genus
Of the Marijuana were spliced

With the genes

I love you Mary Jane 
Sugar come by and get me high 
I love you Mary Jane 

Can I call Marijuana 
If you wanna party 
Marijuana, LSD, Psilocybin, and DMT
They all changed the way I see
But love's the only thing that ever saved my life

So don't waste your mind on nursery
From the time she was 13 Julie Thompson had a dream
That someday she would see her name in lights
After every high school play the grownups all
Daughters and sons and mek sure di homework well done
Salute to all di farmers weh a plant up marijuana
Fi di ones dem pon di corner inna di boiling sun
"Then why the hell you with me huh? Why the fuck you with me?
 Whatchu think I need you, you think I need THIS shit?!"

[Chorus: Gina Thompson
I thought it was marijuana, oh yeah
But now it's too fucking late (I can't come back down)
I love crack (holy shit)
And now I am invincible
not about your body it's just social implications are
Brought upon by this party that we're sitting in
And I'd like to say you've changed but you're
from my bitch
One love, Bronsonlino, signing off
Who better than this, kid?

Luxury sports apparel is what I rock to cover feet
I feel like everyday
Shoobie doo wa
Yeah, it looks lovely
Hey where the light loc
(Right here 'cause)
Give it here man stop bullshittin'

I love you baby
I love you honey
something, do you like monster movies?


I love monster movies, I simply adore monster movies, and the cheaper they are, the better they are.
constant while they ride Johnson
That's how my game plan stay up like John Thompson
Georgetown to San Fran' it's all one wham-bam
Gettin' brains