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really want to boogie?
Yes, I would really like to woogie
Well, if you really want to boogie
Then boogie with me, baby, tonight
I'm gonna do your
in it.
Ray Charles and Lightnin' Hopkins
And a guy like Jimmy Reed
Bo Diddley and Big Mabel
Be all I need!"
It was a dream, a dream I had last
I know that you want

Poke chop
A poke chop sandwich
A poke chop
Double poke chop sandwich
(Play on)

Spider lightnin' hopkin got the big bad beat
Oh, what have you done?
My body changes in your presence
Like some electric charge
Unbound in static on the pavement.
I've been wasted by
to get away
Seems like nowhere to run
All of a sudden I was blinded by a flash
Devil of a man with a gun
You gotta believe it
Now let me outta here
Come boogie a while
The thirteen step boogie
Come boogie the night away

My baby almost every night
My little honey she likes to hold me so
Lightnin' flashed, thunder roared
And all the future that I counted on
In a moment it had come and gone
By the time I could turn around
You were
Just hold your breath and I'll be right back
Just like that

I bring that boogie man
That boogieman is waiting
Only the boogie can
The beginnings of great things
Cannot be seen
By your naked eye

Can you see me know crack the skies like lightnin'
Mama's little sonic boom
Is simply
the Humanoid Boogie's got the humanoid hip-types
Jumpin' and-a jivin'
Burnin' out their energy cells like an infrared hot dog
Motorbike heart beats flutter
the boogie ride 
How quickly you will fly 
Out of this world 

I like riding in jalopies 
Away from motorcycle cop-ies 
I like riding just like you do
through the bottom
Little Jimmy Jimmy, uh, got em

"It's the one and only Boogie Man
He creeps, he hides, he sneaks, he slides
If you little feetsies are
ever seems to know
It’s only a black hole of expediency

And I'm about to be killed by the State of Georgia
And it don’t look good for me

And I
Thunder's just a noise, boys, lightnin' does the work

I've heard thunder talkin' up a storm
Rattlin' my windows and knockin' on my door
But I've seen
He added boogie woogie, and when he got through,
He made my blues a blues that anyone could do;
To me, I'm just another blues.

I'd like
while in my no man's land 

I don't ride for no one
No one rides for free
Just like smokestack lightnin'
You can't catch me 

Move by night
and you think I'm on the line
Is it raining at your house like it's raining at mine

Does it thunder and lightnin' even when the sun shines
Is it raining
and you think I'm on the line?
Is it raining at your house like it's raining at mine?

Does it thunder and lightnin' even when the sun shines?
Is it raining
So we might get high to hear the night.

Be nice relax and see by the back
If you ain't with that I'm a have to attack you with the bad rap
and mama had a fight
You weren't ever gonna win
Never got to see me again

Well, like that storm the days roll by
Now and then I still drive
Lady luck I want you 
Bumping by my side 
Like a silk shod connector 
On a midnight ride 

Sensation Boulevard 
(I got to go) 
Sensation Bouleva
By: jimmy buffett
Can you tell me where I might find my friend and companion
Now he looks a little different from anything you've seen
He likes
further than I've ever flown before
And even though it's frightenin', I've got a taste of lightnin'
With lips like yours

So we drove into the night,
your lips are the most
Baby, your mouth is like a ghost
Lady, you think you're a champ but
Girl you ain't nothin' but a raw ramp.

Woman, I love
the ladies that got dick on they mind
From the windy city down to the dirty south
Like Luda you know I beat that shit by the (word of mouf)
I sold 350