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lights a cigarette
Thinking, what the hell took you so long
To find me

'Cause all I want is what you are
And all I see is you
Emerald Cross, ringing
for a coffee" she did

Patrick you've got it made
You're halfway there, you're on your way
Patrick she's not afraid
And now I bet you're glad you stayed
I don't wanna be understood I just wanna kill
Out of blandness I am your everyday thrill

Patrick Bateman
We are babies crippled in Christ
one wants to be alone at Christmas time

In the dark, on the phone
You tell me the names of your brothers
And your favorite colors
I'm learning you
Take it back Patrick
Where is the kid that I once knew
Such a young sick kid
Where is this lifestyle taking you
Look at what booze did
The insanity
Now I buy whores, rock and roll, and I stuff their stockings with my north pole...


...Okay Chris, thank you!
Alright, who wants to go
approached where they'd spend their tomorrows
They never asked us a thing
When you give in to the mercy of time
You don't try to survive
You just try
And watch you finish off the place by yourself
Please let me do what I wanna
I'll just lay around the house and smoke Marijuana oohoo

It says right there
Patrick simmons/michael mcdonald

When I was so low
You were there to lift me up
Well, there's one thing that I know for sure
You're gonna win life's
Patrick simmons

Layin' back and sittin' in the sunshine
Hot wind, I drink me little wine
Straw hat down across my eyes
Lettin' the world go by
Patrick, you see, I'm growing a mustache
And though I know I must ask you
Does it really make me look like a man?

SpongeBob, being a man is just
They say Taylor was a good girl, never one to be late
Complain, express ideas in her brain
Working on the night shift, passing out the tickets
But I can see, that his brake lights are on

He just wanders around, unaffected by,
The winter winds here, and he'll pretend that
He's somewhere
Sowing my bad seeds

'Cause I want you bad
'Cause I want you bad

Fall in hate with me
With one trick
You will want it all
As St. Patrick pipes on!
Evelyn sits by the elevator doors 
It's been thirty seven years since James dies on St. Patrick's Day in 1964 
But she could not hold it against
I can see, that his brake lights are on.

He just wanders around, unaffected by,
The winter winds here, and he'll pretend that,
He's somewhere
big so it can dizz in
Hit the atm, get my pockets wet
So I could get her anything she wants

I got big plans fo sho
Pleasing you thats
likes to be alone
Whatever you wanna do, I'm leavin' it up to you. 
Just let me know, let me know

[(B5) and Patrick]
(Let me know)
If you like
making this sound
Saying, "We just want to go on walking around
And feel what it's like to fall down"

Patrick ran the race
Yeah, he ran until
(Erick Sermon) 

What's up wit that homegirl  why you frontin 

My raggamuffin  c'mon  help me wit somethin 

You like me  I can tell by your
make you wait
I'm gonna liberate
This dream ends now
I'm gonna fascinate
I'm gonna change your fate
This dream ends now

Come with me
If you want to see
a briefcase
Who needs a wallet?
Be a pigeon nigga you sound retarded
I'm the girl with more cream than St. Patrick's Day
A house by the bay so what do you
See I'm in it just to win it
And I'm in it for the long run
Hang out the window gun loaded just for fun
I catch it all of ratch get feeled get
unnu hands  
If you love dem their style and you love dem pattern  

Reggae music can't refuse it  
So give us what we want and mek we gwan  

In san francisco you can be mayor at 18
But ya gotta be 26 to drive a cab

What goes on
Is not what we're told to see

Patrick henry said "Give me