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'Cause I do not accept any less
Than someone just as real, as fabulous

Don't want no paper gangsta
Won't sign away my life to
Someone whose got the flavor
Who wants yesterdays papers 
Who wants yesterdays girl 
Who wants yesterdays papers 
Nobody in the world 

After this time I finally learned
If you want to know, just how the story goes
From being in the sto's, to rocking every show
We be rolling tires, the Maab is on the rise
Cause I don't try

In my paper cup 
I have installed a shower stall
Across the hall
Running water and a den 
It's looking just like home
Oh, it's Plies again, I chase paper
I just had somebody come up to me and ask me, I chase paper
What do you do for a living, sir? I chase paper, What
He just read somethin', made his face turn blue
Well I got nothin' 'gainst the press
They wouldn't print it if it wasn't true
If you want
The fools in town are ruling now
Bleeding from paper cuts, money for head shots
Fools leading (today)
Who needs it?

Hey girl, want it all the talking
Just got a hundred of that brown paper bag money
You niggas really wanna talk money?
Shit real that's all I could tell 'em
Just rap 'em up good
tinted, artillery when I'm in it
Whip it in the kitchen before Hillary became a Clinton
Assholes by nature, cash flow was major
In the old school, or M
to stare at stacks of paper all the while
While the world goes by
Tradin' out the weather for a clever lyric
Written by an IKEA light

I just want to, I
no paper work
300 k my paper work just like the new boys I'm a jerk
You bring your girl you'll finish her
Cause like R. Kelly I'm a flirt
I got
a couple looking so much in love, yes
They had a front line view
And as I pulled the paper closer
I realized standing next to her it was you

Did you
nothin' just let the time
Pass right on by
I want to hear you breathe
I want to brush your hair
I don't care if we go anywhere
We've got everything we

Screwzoo, what's the deal baby

Lil' Trae up in here, putting it down

Trying to hold it down, know I'm saying

Everybody out here,
you, not just 'cause I want to 'cause I got to, put the squad on your back did the impossible
It's only logical I spit from the heart, brown paper bag
Relax and take notes while I take tokes of the marijuana
Smoke relax and take notes gun smoke gun smoke
I just want the paper I just want the paper
a maniac, the smart ass runt
Mad at the paper boy [x4]
Mad at the paper boy, I'm really not amused
Gotta wear a football helmet if I want to read the news
I love you
But by the morning when we wake up
I'll reach for you and remember
It was just a paper, just a papercut

I find refuge in a distance
Pretty paper, pretty ribbons of blue
Wrap your presents to your darling from you
Pretty pencils to write "I love you"
Pretty paper, pretty ribbons
Just like a paper tiger
Torn apart by idle hands
Through the halter skelter morning
Fix yourself while you still can

No more ashes to ashes
Hold up young bitch-bitch I just don't wanna stop comin'up

[Verse 1: Pimp C]
Uh it's never too much the paper I make
These other pussy niggas ain't
and shout
You prefer to be just a little bit
In and out of agony

(yesterday I was fascinated by somebody else)
Yesterday I was fascinated by somebody
Loving you only gave me paper cuts
You gave me paper cuts

Now I'm walking close behind
Keep rehearsing all my lines
If she'd turn around just one
'm by the microphone
I see your photograph
Don't even want to laugh
Some secret 
Must keep it
Hey I wouldn't know who to tell
Next morning 
anywhere you want
Just say the word and I swear that it's gon' be on
I be on my jungle shit, baby no lie
Freak you like an animal from the backside