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blame myself
And I blame the machines

I'm flying blind
I'm speeding through
I hate to think
I've been fooled by you
An interactive nightmare show
Cause I can do bad all by myself 
I don't need no help 
The days over and done 
Its just a matter of if I leave you now 
Maybe you will recognize
it up off of me
So that's one time it saved my life

The way, the way, I, uh, I came by the name of Lucille
I was over in Twist, Arkansas, I know
And I'm still drunk by the end of the night
I don't drink like everybody else
End up forgetting things about myself
I'm stubborn I'm forward head's just
ended up hurting a lot of people, including myself. And, although this song focuses on that struggle, it really speaks to our lives in general when we
and it held it up off me, really, it held it
Up off me. So that's one time it saved my life.

The way, the way I came by the name of Lucille, I was
you can be my love fantasy
You lift me up higher; you're who I desire
I just love what you do to me
Don't leave me waiting too long
Come by
Because, if I was gonna go somewhere, I'd be there by now,
And maybe I can let myself down, wo-oahh
And I'm thinking that I'm unaware, I keep my feet
What'll it be he asked,
What do you need tonight
Something cold to drown the fire,
Something hot to stir one up
I'll make it simple I said,
When I was seventeen I went out on the run
What started out to be a fantasy ended up
Getting me down in trouble and a-givin' me a pile of the blues
When it's time to go
Why don't you try
To stand in my way
Because we both know
I can't stop myself

In the early mornings when I'm up before
Someone to love me


Talking: You know I've been all around the world
Trying to find someone new
He, you know what ended up my search:
only ended up hurting someone else
Oh lover can you hear me, I'm so scared and I need a little help

I've built so many bridges, then I sat
I told y'all

There was money on the table by the bricks
I was at the kitchen table choppin up some shit
Listenin' to Jeezy and I heard a little
You lift me up higher, you're who I desire
I just love what you do to me
Don't, don't leave me waiting too long
Come by and

See me
We stopped in Tuscan to get some sleep
Ended up sharin' the backseat to catch a couple of winks

And if you don't mind
I'll keep the rest to myself
a while there I was feeling less than my best
I had to get out of town so I headed out west
I ended up in Seattle

I thought I'd start a brand new band
Sorry, if I woke you up this morning
It was early
The sun was coming up and I've been drinking, too much
Drinking too much
Here I am, I'm just
I woke up on a sofa in an unfamiliar house, surrounded by sleeping folks I didn't know.
On failing to find my friends, I decided it was clearly time
I'm gonna get my picture taken with Frank,

Dean, and Sammy
You know I feel really lonely cause I'm always by myself
Now there's folks around
myself and I won't be coming back"
She said, "Ask the Lord to help you not to act like that
Why don't you just ask the Lord to help you not to act like
left, I thought my world ended
But you know, time soon healed my wounds
And I've found my new beginning
I just wish he was here so I could tell him
A little different this time
Could have ended up the same way
But I chose to give it up instead
It's amazing how it happens
When I just let You take
Down by the muddy harbor
For many a restless night
Have I been walking
Down by the muddy harbor

For many a restless night
Have I found myself
missing when I was just hurting (these bitches went missing, where?)
I put your bitch on the Xan then put her on Perkys (Xanny Xanny, Perky Perky)