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Now you don't have to tell me 'bout lovin'
Someone who's good to you
'Cause when he kisses me it's heaven
Now I can't deny what I feel inside
Michael to me
And it doesn't matter if he's black or white
'Cause I can't stop loving him and I,
Hate plastic surgeons and I hope they all fucking
'm Michael Jackson Bad

All de manz dem trips every time they walk by
Yes me blow dem a kiss and I tell dem bye bye
Come in know say that you neva seen a gyal
ain't ever happenin you can't spit it like Bonic
Flow poison like be	-be	-D, I'm sharp and you VHS I'm DVD, Suckas
Motherfuckas ain't lived the life
a bad case of jungle fever 
And nmmana-nah-nah I just can't believe ya 
It's quite obvious you don't want to be a black man 
So what's next - you
Like I'm James Brown or Michael Jackson
You came in set off a chain reaction
I can't control my two feet
You sure know how to move me
lovin' back
My lovin' back from you

I can't go out walking
I can't go to sleep
I can't stop thinking
'Bout the promise I keep
I won't love another
while McGraw did the robot
So Trace Adkins put one glove on if you're gonna dance like that
You move like Michael Jackson but you wear a cowboy hat
[Michael Jackson:]
"Did I leave your mind when I was gone
It's not my thing trying to get back
But this time, let me tell you where I'm at"
lovin', give me your love
Girl I'll give you everything, every single thing
We can't pretend it don't exist 
there's no need to stop and wonder why
if I was Romeo, but I'm not
I'm Kid Rock
Flat top and all

Not Michael Jackson spinnin' singing off the wall
But making everyone how I thump like
I control Michael Jackson's Thriller
Catch him and ruuhhahaha
Fuck with the guys that'll make you shrug
I'm the only original
Fuck you chump!
girls and I'll they want to give is a good fuck from me
Oh baby
Hippa to the hoppa and you just don't stoppa
I control Michael Jackson's Thriller
my love, can't stop my heart
I'm in too deep, I've gone too far (Oh oh)
Never gonna stop, never gonna stop
Lovin' you, oh, oh, oh

But if you

You know it's the smooth rap flow that clocks the P doe 

Can't stop now (why) 'cause I'm diesel 

EPMD back in effect on your rap set
want to make love
Just this magic in your eyes and in my heart
I don't know what I'm gonna do I can't stop lovin' you
I won't stop 'til break of dawn
Michael Jackson

Never stop, I workaholic
Like spit sweat splatter Jackson Pollock
But I'm not an artist, I just work the hardest
I beat it to a pulp,
my favorite of Prozac and ?  
After the shows I'm thinking about food 
Just give me some ?  and drinks I'm cool 
You probably thinking that I want ?
I Just Want You To
Recognize Me
In The Temple
You Can't Hurt Me
I Found Peace
Within Myself

Go With It
Go With It
It Ain't
It Ain't
I've been diggin' on you little girl
Every time you stroll by
And I can't help but notice
The sad look in your eyes

Ever didn't be your man
It was supposed to be so easy...

Just take back the DVD
Withdraw that extra money
Tell mum I wouldn't be back for tea
Then grab my savings
I got funk by the ounce to make you bounce
to the bus stop, and flash back to the wop
Now I got the +Vibeology+, in a funky way
Somethin Paula Abdul
my love, can't stop my heart
I'm in too deep, I've gone too far (Oh oh)
Never gonna stop, never gonna stop
Lovin' you, oh, oh, oh

But if you
(Leo Sayer/Michael Omartian)
Ooh, can't you see
The days are rollin' by
The things I read about the world outside
Don't seem to matter now you
The only way you take my spot is with a shot
I grab rappers by the hand and make sure they understand
That they can't scrape j-ro the man