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I (am), dementia in your mind, creator of decisions, violent visions and lies.
Blind, your eyes forever blind, reality is dead by your force fed
Yourself and watch it all slip 
By watching, mistakes, regret, learning
Wisdom, feeling, decisions, integrity 
If you could see how, though time 
And the chances we take along the way

(No more regret) Lets just throw away the past
(No more regret) Another chance to make this one last
(No more regret
To Dwell Within Your Embrace
I Had A Dream Of This Reality
My Decision To Live By My Means
I Took What's Mine, Never Regret, Until Now
Separation From
Hallelujah, hallelujah, saved by grace. [Repeat x2]

Hallelujah, I've been saved by grace,
Hallelujah, saved by grace.
And this is why, I've been saved,
inside of me
It's a rotting sick that I don't need
To prevent your interrogation
I can believe I'm saying this
I'll live with my regrets
I'll die by
Stabbed again by my own will witnessing our decent as we fell
Consumed by remorse no words could ever change this course
Committed the ultimate decision
If I were to think of a name of a band, Rudimentary Peni would be the last thing I'd come up with, and if I did I'd probably dismiss it immediately
a couple in me
And I've already forgotten you were even mine

By 9:43 I'll be regretting my decisions
And cursing this city of sin
By 10:15 I'll be
a rotting sick that I don't need
To pene-vent your interro-gration
I can believe I'm saying this
I'll live with my regrets
I'll die by my decisions
I'm not
Woah, yeah
Look at the damage

3 A.M. when my phone ring, begging me to come by
I was right around the corner
I know I could've said no, but I ain't
the best you could do
You made this decision, you chose our division

And I have no regrets
I wish you the very best
In all that you do
care. Once would struggle to find some kind of peace of mind. 
Even when this dance is over I won't stop moving. I will never miss a
Beat. I would not
a rehearsal
Only has this the one chance to get it right
Living really is only way to know
Maybe one day they'll forgive him what he's done
With all the pain
released out of my head, the pressure pulled out by regret I don't neglect I run away! So now I'm facing up to a whole new life no longer more am I afraid
preceding sleep 
Oh the years we waste faking remorse 
Every decision I have ever made 
Bred the branching future's mute howlers 
With burst-vessel red
The decision is mine
Will I remain the same?
The cost of getting forced into something
That used to be a game

The fragments of joy,
A.M. when my phone ring, begging me to come by
I was right around the corner
I know I could've said no, but I ain't stop
Told me to Come in, the door is
my chance, have you written me off
Tell me where did I cross the line,
And can I work my way back this time
Will I always regret this decision
I leave
wished you hadn't given till it hurt
A backward decision on your part
Now this is starting over
And less the man
A selfish instinct overdose
I better rest my eyes 'cause I am growing weary of
This point you've been trying to make
So rather than imply, why don't you just verbalize
will hang!" 
("No! I have no regrets, I have no remorse
No, I will not cry, I leave myself to die!") 
("So, by your own decision we hereby sentence
the only solution
Take your laws away
Fuck the world and fuck my peers I won't forget the past 18 years
And I won't regret the rest from this
Order was
like me

( Chorus ) Repeat 1x

A brother like me make bad decisions regret them later on
A brother like me smoke them trees and run them streets til
already on your feet why don't you help somebody else
This what I was taught, so that's what I live by
'Cause you can't take none of this shit with you