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, divided by) I think they heard a rumor
(Divided by, divided by) Or someone tipped them off
(Divided by, divided by) Better to go sooner
(Divided by
why did i leave you there
said baby
stop lovin by the rules
i heard the rumors danny
stop your talkin danny - i heard the rumors danny, danny
the way
When the postman calls, he'll deliver the letter
I've explained everything; it's better that way

(Divided by, divided by) I think they heard
Judged by appearance, and misspoken words
Not the content of one's character, just by what you heard
Have you heard of rumors?
Some clash with lies
you meet me?
I heard the rumor, you've got my number
But now I see you run for cover

So you thought you had it made
Ain't it easy to be afraid?
Do you see me, could you meet me?
I heard the rumor, you've got my number,
But now I see you run for cover.

So you thought you had it made,
Thought I heard a logman cuttin' timber
Down the mississippi line
I'm up the old tombigbee river
High as the pines, all the time

Elegamment les batos
We have heard the thunder
We have seen the storm
Echoes of your kingdom coming
Rumors of our home
Where one day we will stand before you Lord
for you 

You opened your arms like a school door to summer days
And opened my heard to the rumors of a higher place
Now where was I
Baby I
my own always got me nowhere I'm just as good as my word no matter what you've heard I'm just as good as my word don't judge me on the blown up rumors
we heard rumors
That I feared were true

They never found where she went that night
The man she lived with said they'd had a fight
She left that
I heard a rumor that love will make you crazy
Well is it true?
Well that's no rumor, look at the crazy things that love made Jesus do
The friends
I heard the rumor that we're callin' it off
And we won't last too long
But I got this feelin' when I'm looking at you
They couldn't be more
I heard you saw her again last evening
I heard you'd been with her for two or three days
I still have her picture taped to my mirror
Did she still
Have you heard the sound of disappointment
It tears at you
Why didn't I realise that I could be conned by you
Taken for a fool
But as the lights
A teenage love affair
Then I heard a strange rumor about her
And i didn't know just what to say
It really 
Brought me down
You know it turned
of the mythical duo

Occasionally a story would be heard
a rumor from an unreliable source in a bar, or some place like that

Inevitably, it would be
locked like vaults
Well you can call me San Andreas but it's not my fault
I heard the rumor had a rendezvous
Well, yes, it came on by my place but it
utter not a sound
I heard a rumor, I don't know if it's true
That you'd meet me where the flame turns blue

So I venture underneath the leaden sky
never broke no law

Two time loser running out of juice
Time to move out quick
Heard a rumor going round
Jimmy's going down, this time it's gonna stick
store went undisturbed
And nobody heard another word
From the kid with the hopped up Ford over by Waco
Rumor has it second hand
He's a happily married
There's a rumor of a midnight man
So silent in disguise
And every time he looks your way
You see it in his eyes
Like a window to the storm
Is this train the Frankfort Special?
Ain't this outfit something special?
Ah, we heard rumors from the bases
Frankfort girls got pretty faces
We are living in an unrefined world
Where wonders fall as soon as they rise
The shadows haunt the deaf and blind
You are one of them,
'Cause you are
How the rumors are spreading like vines
Of a man who has been glorified
News finds its way to the Empire one day
Where the envious ruler resides