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The sun's gonna shine there'll be blue skies again
When you open up your heart and let my love come in
I know you've been hurt by an old love affair
Played an old Buck Owens record never ever seen it fail
Got the hungrys for your love tiger by the tail

We're goin' foot stomp stompin'

You know I
I love you in a special way, hey, hey
I need you right by my side
'Cause don't you know you make me happy
Boy with you is where I wanna be
And your
know what's the deal? The simple fact is that I'll flip ya Flip ya for real I'm a jeah But when I get rhymer block I need some ginacock Right after that
Listen party people here's a serious song
It's right not wrong, I should say right on
I gotta tell you somethin' that you all should know
Our daddy liked George Jones
Haggard and Buck Owens
Momma liked The Eagles and The Beatles
And The Rolling Stones

When I was just a little kid
couldn't want to go back

He said "You know, I used to be a well-known country singer
Made my first record back in 1953
At one time Buck
is beep him 911 and he'll be there
Right by my side with his ruffneck tactics
Ruffneck attitude,the ruffneck bastard

Hey! Gotta what? Yo gotta get
weak bitch

This hot shit by David Banner
You ain't gotta go nowhere nigga
I'm up in this city, you can find me nigga
You ain't gotta front like it?s
Well, if you're ever in Austin, Texas
A little run down on your sole
I'm gonna tell you the name of a man to see
I'm gonna tell you right where to go
rough brother,
Word to my grandmother.
I buck you in the head just to let ya know.
Stick you for ya dough, spit on the flo',
Drag it out of ya, bring
don’t give up on you right now

Live fast, die young
Bull rider

One hand hold is all you got
But you and the bull against the clock
And of course,
Pump, Pump, Buck buck buck buck buck
Buck buck

If y'all muthafuckas think we willin
P-you-M-P nigga come on wit it
You ain't gotta listen but I'ma let
[Buckshot, Ice-T]
Buckshot, he be the emcee
What, watch your step

[Buckshot Shorty]
Can I hear it for Buckshot? (Buckshot)
Buck's hot, spell it and yell
who's chillin? I think I know who's chillin
Yeah tell me who's chillin then then Plus

Casual you know he's chillin
Yo, Pep Love he gotta be chillin
a little nerdy but she's a Superchic so she know she never worry now
We move quick 'cause we got to just scurry we
Gotta pick up Jenny and Owens at 8:30
say, comin' in, my brothers gotta pass away 
Before we come together and pray, God is the way 
One of my sisters ran astray, jail with my people is
of the coldest motherfuckers
To spit these fast lyrics on one track
Buck 'em with a lyrical bullet in the body
Because I gotta get the fire know the shit don't
She can tell by the way I'm rapping, gotta rap this up baby that's wuts up

She like a girl gone wild,
can't miss the girl she stand
Young Buck:
G-Unit Do Ya' Thang

Lloyd Banks:
My Eyes Low, Hydro Leakin' Out That Tahoe
I Know G-Unit's Them Niggas I'm'a Ride Fo'
Nah Hoe, I Ain't
[Young Buck:]
These Niggas Want Me Dead
Betta' Watch Yo Step
[Young Buck:]
Puttin' Prices On My Head
'cause I Cock My
of the coldest motherfuckers
To spit these fast lyrics on one track
Buck 'em with a lyrical bullet in the body
Because I gotta get the fire know the shit don't
[Verse 1]
Roll out, straight to the ATL
Coming from the DET gotta bail
Gotta get mail in adbundance
Stat watch that yay on the oven
Nigga this
Had enough gettin' nothing 
Cooped in the ??
Gotta get accustomed 
So I push that dust, that's me crushin' 
Push that new stank ugly, 
had to do it to 'em
Forty I see you
Oh I see you homie
I stay late tonight right
You know what happen when I stay late, heh
Boy wonder