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to go on t.v.

2nd & 3rd inmate
He wants to talk about his book
Make my life into a movie

I got the style, I got the look 
This boy used
And comin' in you get the 3rd world war

Tuesday after school
We put our pennies on the rails
And when the train went by
We were jumpin' round
Underneath the moon and the stars
Same ones that we all knew
Back in 1952

And if you wanna know
Where a local boy like me is coming from
3rd base, Dodger
Everything that keeps me together is falling apart
I've got this thing that I consider my only art
Of ::annoying beeping noise:: people over
Uh-oh somethin's gonna happen
3rd Storee
Yo wassup this is RL
Where my boys 3rd Storee
We got to make you dance with Disarray you know what I
And the demons of greed
Drain me bastards
Uphold the lie
Suffocating in silence
I swallow my pride

I've got to escape this tomb
3RD from the sun
a real nigga out of Ft.Myers 
I got principles nigga dats what I live by
Ain't had rap feature and I'm still alive 
Not 1 my 3rd album, is you surprised?
love that 3rd degree 
Crosswords, crosswords, passwords, smartwords 
No we can't agree, love that 3rd degree
please don't spray

3rd grade got the school on lock
4th grade got the school on lock
5th grade got the school on lock
But you can't forget the 1
of the storm
It's the 3rd eye of the storm

Check it out
Check it out
Check it out
Been *** around

I'm not a judge but I'm handing out sentences
to the place where knowledge is born
We welcome you to the 3rd eye of the storm, check it out

Futuristic lyricist, straight from the renaissance
please don't spray

3rd grade got the school on lock
4th grade got the school on lock
5th grade got the school on lock
But you can't forget the 1
P-S-E thugs
3rd Ward Solja
Wild Magnolia
3rd Ward Solja

I'm an optimal smokin', chopper totin'
Bustin' caps wide open
Top of line coatin',
Gave the gift swift, you just got self-made

Execute performance, the 3rd step upon this
Me and Pete, complete, like sex endurance
Tip on the rim you
the recordings I have made - try
Capo on 3rd or 4th fret
the 3rd degree
The 3rd to be urgen me, these niggas want to murbed me
They scared of the consequences comin' from my defenses

It ain't that expensive, have
the job
Says he goin' to find blind spots
And he'll do it.

The 3rd planet is sure that they're being watched
By an eye in the sky that can't be
hate to leave the road tonight

Instrumental in 3 movements: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gear.

And when I'm racing the clock
You know that I would die or kill
Tarred by the same brush
As I sit here in the widow 3rd
For the first I feel I won't fall

I believe in
I believe in when
Welcome to the 3rd floor
It's a one way trip
Then they lock the door

More than just a crazy nightmare
Doors opened up and swallowed me
With Cool Ring tones
On The 3rd Came A Cool New Bag
Courtesy Of My Mom And My Dad
The Forth Was Tight Got A Cool New Bike
Its Crazy Like 24 Speeds
The 3rd writes a letter to his family 
I said I'd kill everyone if it was up to me 
Long night, long night 
Well everybody's got the fever
I'm the son of a 3rd generation farmer
I've been married 10 years to the farmer's daughter
I'm a God fearin' hard workin' combine driver
Hoggin' up
to the Av 
North to the deep East

To the youth and the beast
HP 3rd Street
Telegraph to the Av
North to the deep East

This the way 
confidante, pay the right compliment
I could be someone you need

We had coffee on 3rd Street and talked for a time
I still have your letter, I know every