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{Words & Music: Hazel O'Connor}

Here I sit so silently, I wait by your opening door
May flit, may fly, may not understand why,
I fear, when I hear
the time's not passing by
i wish the time's not passing by
to stay here for another while
i wish the time's not passing by
feels like a wreck,
and the world is big
All around me is fast moving
Surrounded by so many things
Suddenly, suddenly

How does it feel to be
Different from me
Are we the same
You know I don't understand why you treat me like this
It's almost like you feel like you're from two different worlds
(Well, we are Todd) I don't
Our love is different dear
It's like a mighty symphony
I can feel its silver harmony
Oh so tenderly, day by day

Our love is different dear
Go on, why don't you try it out?
I don't know, my head's filled with doubt
Ah, go on, a little bit won't hurt
When you feel the whack of it, you'll
at my face
You can't judge me by my race
We gotta,
Stop, stop, stop, stop
What do you see?
So I say to you
Just look at me

I say to you
Feels like music 
Coming back again 

Shake down, take down 
Knocking to a different beat 
One touch, head rush 
Drop it one more time for
'm prepared to fall apart
It's just like deja vu
I know it all by heart

It ain't no thang, I already know how it feels
Same ol' pain, a different deal
(Kinda halfway feel that you and I are through)
Here I am and I'm alone and feeling lonely
Bothered by the thought that someone's holding you
As days turned to nights
I chased rainbows of light
Finding no gold
No magical fountain of gold
Ahh so many different colors
Ahh the colors keep
you think of me at all
But you sound so sad, in your special way
Ain't it funny, life feels different with each new passing day
All I need is my
Ooh, ooh, ooh
That means
Different strokes for different folks
Oh yeah

Now to the man who who's scaled the mountain high
To think something differnt's coming 'cross that track

Sometimes I feel so lost
But they say love is blind
Sometimes I need you here
we'd cross this bridge together
Super glued forever it was all so fine

And what I want and what you give
Are two completely different things
And it
you true hip-hop fans, you know the Ak's takin care of ya
Slap your ass with real rap
I keep it underground, like subways, so I can stay on track
Children are singing just outside my door
Snowflakes are falling it's Christmas once more
Everyone's happy but I feel so blue it's just not like
through the test
Sometimes I get that feeling
That I'm different from the rest

Now the sons of tomorrow
Will come to me in time
Life is going by so
I hope you never believe
Just for a moment you're better than me
The truth is that we are the same
All different people but only one name
know what to say
Same old story
Just a different day

So it's just a
Just a different day

Down by the ocean
Where the little girls play
Down by
silk clothing of your own disdain
I feel so disowned since your children took up arms in your own name.

God sings different in every language.
I can see the pictures of me and ask 
"Do I look so different than anyone else?" 
I can hear them marching near and feel 

The steady pounding
believe that God is real,
I don't understand how he could feel that way. When
There's earth air water and fire.
So many different flowers, sunshine
of anything to deserve it it's a wonder I can function feels like I'm on trial I need to set things straight so you'll know you can trust me got me nothing
That means, 
Different strokes for different folks, 
Oh yeah.

Now to the man who who's scaled the mountain high,