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Well he lit you up
Like amber waves in his movie show
He fixed you up real good
Till I don't know you anymore
From ballet class to a lap dance
putting so much trust in your religion
They couldn't conquer without division
Boy you still black, I don't care if you Catholic or Christian
Police'll still
It was supposed to be so easy...

Just take back the DVD
Withdraw that extra money
Tell mum I wouldn't be back for tea
Then grab my savings
putting so much trust in your religion
They couldn't conquer without division
Boy you still black, I don't care if you Catholic or Christian
Police'll still
we playing horseshoes, honey?
No, I don't think we are!
You're close! (Close!)
But no cigar!

Then I met sweet young Janet
Prettiest thing
we had to tear this muthafucka up
(Make it rough)

I gotta Mac10 for officer Wynd
Damn, his devil ass need to be shipped back to Kansas
In a casket,
the rise
And the guns rolled out like thunder
And the black smoke burned my eyes
And I watched it all unfold
Just the way the Bible told
sport T-shirts, kakhi's and all stars.
I like regular people, not stars...
I don't play areas, just bars.

I don't act funny, I don't act funny,
AKA: Ruff ?n? Tuff
(Music  & Lyrics by Robert Ross)
Verse 1
Well don't you touch me fella cause if I get riled
I know you won't
I don't want a lot,I want just enough
So why has it got to be so damn TOUGH

Livin' on the uptown side of jive
Hustlin' a buck to stay alive
mind like a DVD movie's frame
Words don't come easy I know, Y... don't come over
I'm just about to tell your love that I'm feeling it

[Bridge & Chorus]


And if the world don't like it
I don't give a damn

Why do you give your love
And like?
Through youth and age
Can you dig that,
(not loud)Here I go drivin'by your house might as well throw some rocks at your window
(gets louder)Yeh... But you don't
to seem care, or maybe
I want to love you, but you're a dumb animal
Raw like the diamond in the rough
I think you're pretty, but you're too tough
I don't need your bad
that ooh ahh sound
I'ma push up on ya slow
Get ya right by the end of the night
Do something sweet 
Like massage ya feet
And put Pretty Ricky cd
shitted on, let's get it on
Think I'm gonna let it hang, and sit it on
The desk of any redneck record exec
I strike 'em wit the right hand send 'em
[Lil' Kim]
I'm the L-I-L to the K-I-M
And not be	-I-G, R.I.P. ba-by
I, rep BK and the, N.Y.C.
Don't no bitch do it like I D-I-D
And, since
Well, I went to the doctor
I said, "I'm feeling kind of rough"
He said, "I'll break it to you, son"
"Let me break it to you, son"
Your shit's
to greyhound rides, no to you by my side
I don’t need you, I don't need anyone
Come back
Come back

Fire burning down at monastery road
Why'd you do it
If it ain't rough it ain't right
While we're reminiscing Christopher Reeves
You're still Superman to me 

See I done been mistreated
Chill at the bar, sip somethin' or split a cigar
Get with your dogs, don't be alarmed, this kid is the bomb

Its the R rougher than rough that's how I
Aw, Mom. Not that show again! I don't want to watch that show! Can't we watch Good Times or Chico and the Man or something cool? Turn it off!

I just can't find the reason these days

And it seems like the seasons are passing me
They're going by, nothing to hold on to, rough times
And it goes
know it's not just pleasure, you know it's somethin' more
You know it's not the answer if it's not like comin' home
If the one who's there doesn't really
to your DVD
You might've caught me on TMZ
Cameo tryna sue a nigga (fuck 'em)
'Cause I party hard like it's three of me
America's still abusing us
And 9/11