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Like 'face said, last of a dying breed
For stomach and I feed still trying to eat
Lead by greed that's when you fuck up
Why y'all niggas gonna
the hood don't give a fuck if you rich
Or drunk with the Prince CD own, bumpin' a kiss
Nigga frontin' I get my you in the pump kinda hot out
the screaming in the world can't save ya

And I been had one so don't forget that
357 magnum with no kickback
Put em all in your six pack
you from 
Screw all of that 
I'm not trying to hear that, son 

[Chorus: x2]
Now, who the fuck y'all want? (Jadakiss!) 
And who the fuck y'all
How you think your man died
More money than respect
And it wasn't close it was by a landslide
Listen my nigga your work is sloppy
And I don't
Another 20 more engine niggas know my tools
I got a gun, you need to stand fo'
Fuck you bring yo man fo? 

[Chorus: Styles, Jadakiss, Eve]
S be
Don't matta who you are or where you're from
Screw all that I'm not tryin hear that son

[chorus x2]
Who the fuck y'all want (jadakiss)
Who the fuck
Yo its jay-da-kiss
An another one 
Uh huh 
Just bring it to em'
Eh yo what up ma?
(Latin woman)
Hey ya poppy, give it to me baby
lay down and let me love ya all night long

It was beautiful when we first started
I don't want to leave you
I just want
the Ghost

[Verse - Sheek Louch]
Yo, I don't give a fuck about pull out cockbacks
Spin a muhfucker out, empty his chest
Leave your muhfucking whip a mess
Uh, I learnt the game, I know what I want and I'm in it,
The time is now, it's gonna be up in a minute,
You look a nigga in the eye,
Yo, yo
I got guns, guns
Mad fuckin' guns, ha
I had them hundreds when you had them little ones, ha

But fuck that, live Niggas, Iraq
And you can
the answer to that when Kiss ain't here
When you see me, don't ask me nothin' about us
And don't definitely ask me nothin' about
Fuck it
You owe me one, I
I don't give a fuck now I'm doing my thing
Like a motherfucking dog I'm doing my thing

Weight on my back
Hate in my heart
Blood in
Fuck ya fake ass ice grill
Fuck ya life
Fuck ya motherfuckin' nine to five
Man I don't give a fuck about you
I don't give a fuck about your
I'm feeling this hook right here
Good looking out Timbaland
You know


[Timbaland (Eve)]
is run by, could only be one guy
And that be who but 'Kiss, no security
The burner and some niggas that I grew up with
And the brand new 911, fuck
and if you facin capital pun, pass me a gun
and I'ma give you time to run, while I rapidly peel, uh

[Chorus: x3 Jadakiss]
We goin' make it
we goin'
you don't write, trendsetter, you clone-like
Pay homage or K's vomit, ungrateful niggas, I don't like

A fuck nigga, that's that shit I don't like
I'm feeling this hook right here
Good looking out Timbaland
You know


[Timbaland (Eve)]
I need a ryde
Still just happy to be here, why'know?
Funk Flex, Volume 4, let's do it

Uh-huh, uhh..
Two thousand, what, what, yo
I be the K-I
If it is name it
We'll squash you, ASAP, feel it

All I know, n****s give me all my dough
Like Boston George comin through with all my blow
niggas, fixin', clown
We throw our, fuckin', click up
We give a fuck if you don't, like us
We throw our, fuckin', click up
We give a fuck if you don't
a cover on em and something holding me back
A better man better level better know I try

Yeah yo, Listen I done played with the snakes in
of the nicest ( nicest),
you ‘bout to end up in a crisis (crisis),
cause we don't give a fuck who you know, where you go, 
what you know, they can never be