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the dollar
You belong to the one political party
I belong to the one musical party
Our differences are worlds apart
Just like guns and roses
If we don't
even understand why the fuck you even care
And I don't need your jealousy yeah
Why drag me down in your misery

And when you stare you don't think I feel
****z can't be this stupid
It's gun talk, n****z better get used to it


[Verse 2 - Blackchild]
I don't' care if you're a criminal or a cop,
whenever I can

'Cause I don't care about going to school
And I don't care about having friends
And I don't care 'cause I'm a rock 'n' roll machine

Whenever a nigga bleed, it lead to Guns N Roses
And a real nigga knows is
Everybody that have held had shot one
It's like a asshole, cause everybody's got
one more notch on his gun

And when he turned to go 
The beautiful maiden knelt down
Where her dead sweetheart lay
And on his breast placed a rose
dolphin, f*** rhyming, I'm cripping
N****s rap about what I'm living, all this false claiming, I'm marring
Doing drive-by's I ain't steering, white Peter
perfect, but what it is 
Is guns n roses, we’re guns n roses 

You can throw a bomb my way 
For every time I make mistakes 
But you know that’d never
'mma make these n****s put his name on the wall
And everywhere I go, I got Mr. Magic here
Because I know that n**** don't care
He'll have that red s***
It's a fire by day and a freeze at night 
I know it's a hell out there 
How loud the mouth when the heart don't care 

He's damned if he
I've seen them down in the valley,
Wild roses that grow by the side of the road,
And they don't really mind if you pick them
And they don't really
for you, I roll for you, it's all for you
To all you b**** made n****s, I'm comin for you
Against all odds, I don't care who the f*** you is, n
Ya'll n****s know (wut wut ya'll n****s know what I'm about)
Ya'll n****s know, find me at my do' when the guns come out

Ya'll n****s know (wut
of England

For her feckless boys she did weep and wail
Saying, Lord have mercy where did I fail?
Out of my belly, the pick up a gun
And fall for the Rose
don't care what you say
I don't care about them
I don't care any
I don't care what you think
I don't care what you say
I don't care about them
I don't
of the
Now I've been asked by all the delegates--and members of the board,
To tell you of the funeral that won me this award.
It was handled with taste
about that
Got a lotta, got a lotta, got a lotta respect

I don't really care if (I don't care bout you n**** baby)
If you gotta man (that n**** weak)
wrong been done
That's one good reason
I carry a gun.

I hope the bulge
Don't bum you out.
want to get a good look?
Let me pull it right out!
gangsters at coo never sweat under the gun
Where the f*** my Mistress at at c*** back ready to pop something
Since you n****z all about frontin let's how
Don't mind you need to know
Some things about this woman
This Anita

Don't fear you
No one can
Control Anita
Need to be in
don't want you to hold me tight
Till you're mine to hold
And I don't even want you to stay all night
Just until the moon turns cold

All I need
get my gun
(Don't even have a gun!)

As soon as I get my gun
(Don't even have a gun!)

As soon as I get my G-U-N
(Don't even have a gun!)

the only friend you have

Long live the leaders
Long may they reign
May they live long enough
To feel every single pain

They don't care about
on 'er with all o' his will 
How that hog gets 

You shall be free I don't care you shall be free forget about
You shall be free when the good lord
about a f***in' million in a week
(What what what what)
When I can't forget that we all still street

Yo, yo
You know a n**** that's sniffin', that's