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saying right now
What does she know?
Who is she to tell me about my situation
Well, I don't know your situation
But whatever it is, you should try
hardknox rhym'n soon as the tune drops
Negative small talks, homie star kick'n rocks
and thake it all down the blocks where it belongs
A demo of songs but
time favorite song 
But turn it down you, moron 
Cause we're tryin' to play pong 

Don't be fooled by world peace 
Or an economy that's stable
I hope nigga's don't end the party before we finish the song
(Bitch nigga)
You be the last to come and harrass, reflect on the past
When I used
don't fake mine, I do this the fair way
Snitches get stitches, blown away and left on display
Hung by the grapevine, I just kicked a chair away
Let me be