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Debussy didn't believe in god. He didn't believe in the Establishment. He
Didn't believe in bourgeois convention. He didn't believe in Beethoven
believe you put the moon to flight
I believe you

Whoa oh oh
Whoa oh oh
I believe you

I believe your body
I believe your heart
I believe we're one
Walking the tightrope
And losing my pole
I hang on by my teeth
One of those nights
It didn't feel too right
Gonna cry myself to sleep

Debussy didn't believe in god
He didn't believe in the establishment
He didn't believe in bourgeois convention
He didn't believe in beethoven
Why do you have to make it so complicated
Can't it just be beautiful
I don't want to stifle your flight
I didn't mean to fall in love

A case of overkill

He stayed awake till daylight
Didn't believe in help
Never saw the sunrise
Didn't believe in wealth
Was a rolling
have I gotta say 
To make you believe you're the one for me 

Didn't you hold me last night 
Didn't you look in my eyes 
Didn't I, didn't I say
And now he's in the clear
Bitten by the belt
And lashed by the tongue
But through all his problems
He looks out for number one
When he doesn't like
Walking the tightrope
And losing the pole
I hung on by my teeth
One of those nights
That didn't feel too right
Gonna cry myself to sleep

Here I go
Can you sing along?

Stopped to say hello
Something overcame me
Didn't want to go and pass you by
Looked at me so fair
Saw the sun upon
should we believe you?
Didn't you want to flee

Now I have that dream again
I live beneath the waves
In a ground of grace and majesty
Mr. L can I
bones before I credit
Cause I must show my versatility facility
Peep me like tom
Must you, I bust you
I smash you into dirt and leave your crew
Romance in a rear view mirror
I didn't know her but it didn't matter
Romance in a rear view mirror
Just by chance I still can't believe that it's true
I said you'd be free, didn't I
I said you'd climb high, didn't I
I took you out to the sky
I told you one day you'd fly

You didn't believe me, did
silent suffering
Oh Gabriel
Could you come to my defense?
Oh Gabriel
How I wish that you would flight by my side

With no forgone conclusion
On a morning flight out of Birmingham he started talking
She'd never even met him, but Lord, she thought that
He'd never shut up
If she didn't
these drugs deteriorate
The minds of knuckleheads that grow up to be base heads
Don't say I didn't tell you cuz you gon see in the future
I hope I
was hard to distinguish
Love at first sight or holiday romance?
Don't care I was lost in the moment
I really shoulda missed that flight

Believe me
But how could I believe in this
When none of it was true?

(I knew from the first time that
I set my eyes on you)

I didn't mean to make
believe me 'til you're on your own

Comes in once a month
And he never leaves
He said he is broken
Yet he lives free
Didn't wanna floor ya
I didn't wanna be
Move on

Hold up
Hello, you got a collect call from Franklin correction facility will you accept the charges?
Yes, I'll accept it, what's up?
"But I'll tell you: I believe a man is judged by what's in his heart, not what's in his bank account. 
"So if this is what religion is: a big car,
believe in love
It'll open up so
Don't even give in
'Cause if it starts to give
Just hold on
We didn't didn't make it
But love'll get you by
If you
really shoulda missed that flight 

Believe me I wanna stay 
But I'm going away 

Hey, good morning 
Watch the sun come up 
It's calling 
I want
Well I was looking through some photographs I found inside a drawer
I was taken by a photograph of you
There were one or two I know that you would