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Sleepless nights aren't so bad
I'm staying up, I'm staying sad
I don't want anything to change
I don't want anything to change
I like it lonely I
I didn't do anything

My heart it melts
For those who weep
Sick of you being mean
I didn't do anything

I could stay I could stay I could stay
I? do anything if you? just let me hold you 
I'd do anything to change your mind 
Climb the highest mountain or swim the deepest ocean 
to change the world,
But I won't change anything,
Unless I change my racist self.

It's a privilege, it's a background.
It's everything that I own,
Only you, can make me run, oh it’s you
Be there whenever never I fall
I fall and I fall again, over you
Anything, everything you do
Makes me say, I
missing in the hall
To avoid the sound
Of your feet missing in the hall

Don’t think I didn't deserve what I got
Don’t think I didn't deserve what I
anything I'm sure
This won't change anything,
I love to prove you wrong.
Was it the way I didn't show up?
Maybe the way I wouldn't give up.
Was it
a time.

There was a time,
Oh, I would do anything for you,
Oh, I would do anything for you
Yeah there was a time,
Didn't wanna know it all,
Is this the one thought it was insane?
Coming down against it all
Didn't want it. Didn't need it. Didn't want it.
Twisted face of feigning beauty
Yeah, if this love can happen here
Anything can

We watch the days, we make our plans
We change in ways a life demands
I'll always remember this time,
Back in '95 when this was new
I guess I didn't have a clue
I thought the world would change with the right song
So we picked it up and moved it
All along we knew the answer's all along 
Why did it take you so long, I hear you say
It all depends on how your point of view can change
Blue bird on my shoulder
Let me tell you
What I did

My heart got broke
I wrote a note
It didn't change a thing

Woke up one day
The sky was
I can't explain a thing
I want everything
To change and stay the same on top
Doesn't care about anyone or anything
Now come together, come apart
At the start of the conversation
I didn't have too much to say
I was needing some inspiration
And you just got in my way
I took a shot at an easy
Don't be scared of anything at all
Everything we have is all we need
All the spotlights streaming into angry skies
Means there's no one watching
Pull off a wing, pull off a wing
A safety pin
It never shone quite as bright again

But you haven't told me anything
That I didn't already know
To change what I did wrong
Oh, I didn't care enough to keep you around
So baby, tell me, why should I care now

I was the one who let you go
I never told
So tired

Take the longest day
Throw it all away
I can't stand it
But I can't do anything

Every day's the same
Nothing ever change
I can't
No entourage or caravan
And do you even give a damn
About all that, tell me?

Would you love me if I didn't work out
Or I didn't change my natural
I didn't take that blow to heart 
You couldn't tear our home apart 
You anything you wanted everything 
I don't have bruises I can show 
of the wall
a knife a fork and memories
a light to see it all
you didn't leave me anything
that i can understand
hey i never meant that stuff
i want
of the wall
A knife a fork and memories
A light to see it all

You didn't leave me anything
That I can understand
Hey I never meant that stuff
I want
breaks my heart to see you cry
When I have to say goodbye
Don't change while I'm away
I'll call you everyday
I'd do anything for you

Well, I'd do
I don't owe you anything

What now?
Not again
You're a person I will never comprehend
I've listened
I've tried
I can't change enough
To make