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to bring the world a Savior.
I choose you to bring the world a King.
I choose you to be the arms of love that hold the Answer
For the world to see My
the light will bring to all a harvest
Good and plenty but for those who don't
Don't believe it, their life will still
Will still be empty

Taste and see that
a while
To be sure that you're by my side
Oh, oh

Don't look at me, just look inside
'Cause I can go through
Tell me, are you goin' tired
Of what I don't do
That there will not be enough
I know they said it on the TV
So turn it off, break the chains
Step outside and feel the love

And light a light
Will be yours forever
This is a beautiful start
To a lifelong love letter

Tell the world that we finally got it all right
I choose
I will
"see the light"
Do not question "God is right"
Millions of Christians accept in their heart
Their savior is Jesus have faith in the cross
There is no
The swell of the tide or the light of the moon 
You can't choose who you love, love chooses you 

Tell me now if I'm wrong 
Are you feelin' the same 
I walk the path of death
Which no one will return
I will lead you to this path
And see you burn

The only guiding light
The blackest light
yet you can't see 

So grab the sphere of life and aim it 

and you'll be guided by Edutainment
treats the crowds

And ice is free
Blue force is pouring from the clouds

Tonight could be the night
We?ll walk into the cool light
Though I'll not
You I see
Sitting waiting for me
By the station in a blue ride
Wearing red for the first time

You are free
But yet you choose to be rated
the gates of geburan and see the triump by our weapons.
Open the skies to ain soph and kick the christian plagues towards their 
final judgement !
all the clouds go by, its just another empty sky
I ain't gonna wait to see the rain, no no
Nothin's gonna make it right, look at me 'cause I choose life
I'm gonna be strong

I ain't gonna look the other way, no more
After all the clouds go by, its just another empty sky
I ain't gonna wait to see
'Cause I know that you see me and yet 
You still choose to be mine 
With a love that will stand even when I fall down 
I know you'll pick me up somehow
up today
He'd be gunned down cold by the C.I.A.
Oh, the lights that now burn brightest
Behind stained glass
Will cast the darkest shadows 
It's the same old game
Only time will tell
Who will be the winner
Heaven Vs Hell

Born to be crucified
Your evil demon will never see the light
A clever turn of phrase 
Like 'Belsen was a gas' 
I want to see my future first 
I want be the last 

simmer down
Be patient and I'll let you see my
Carrot rope, feed my thrill, 
I got beat by weather
Carrot rope, feed my thrill, 
I got beat by weather

But that's too bad,
It's in the past and I'm stuck right here.
I've gone from A to see without a stop at B.
And now I lost the will to do it by
Lurking among us, attracted by blood, hating the world for its
Love of a god, anciently ordered a soldier for death, stomping
On Christians
Too late, I'm bound to say
I feel my luck slipping away
The light has faded on me
I find myself falling you see

You don't choose to sleep
could be alone and foolish
We said we'd never come home

When I see you again,
As I always do
It appears to me that 
Destiny rules
And the spirits
Yeah, I'm giving it over

Music by Peter Furler and Steve Taylor / Lyrics by Steve Taylor
©©2002 Dawn Treader Music (admin. by EMI Christian Music
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In my house we see by Christmas lights and your TV, and that seems to be enough
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