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the wall

A fallen apple ain't so bad

To eat

I ate the haggis by and by

just as sweet as it could be
Reach right up and pick one of that apple tree
the afternoon
A morning is yet to come

A girl came to help out in the kitchen
And by the evening
We found we were all washed up

We ate on the lawn
That hand is held by a bear who had a sick band

Of ghosts and cats
And pigs and bats
With brooms and bats
And wigs and rats
And play big dogs like
push they blow out
A slicker nigga pig, dig me picking my fucking 'fro out
Limping up the one tree fives
The p-jects
The eject these herbs
That's word
enlightened by the chosen man
A little frightened by my foes and fans
I’m still recitin' doing shows with bands
Hold my can knowing that I’ll float again
Excited by the drama we like when it show up
The fighting don't slow up I light you like close ups

And I call you my Calamity Jane you like my
ignite the rebirth of M.C's lyrically,
The "C" of Tranquility, what will it really be?
What does the future hold,? What do you really see?
I see
my disbelief 
And bathed me with her ever-smile. 
And with a howl across the sand 
I go escorted by a band of gentlemen in leather bound