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With the healing melody of an invisible choir
And I knew I had entered the domain of the living God

My eyes beheld a vast concourse of souls
I fall, could the choir catch me
I flew away, on a mountain, got tempted by Satan
Got bitten by a cobra, but the Lord took my venom
So who's side
Don I am in the ghetto, we know the power of the guns
We are the scars of violence
Son, turn in your guns
Think my shit is too real for them
is full of contradictions
I'm tryna become a better man
Prayin for redemption, each and every day

(Hallelujah, as the choir sings)

[Chorus Two: sung
it right, I'm asking you to forgive me
And I may have done the things, that they said I did
But I'm not, who they say I am; I am who you made me