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Forgiveness is a word I want to live by
Am           Em     G             C
How can this be you want to surrender
Am     Em              G   
I'll admit I
hell's pavement
G see d see
Took a walk down pulled by the tide
G see d see
I had to make some new arrangement
Em see g
Oh I thought I'd reach the other
led me from your door
and now I am back from the shadows rain and I cannot love you more

If heaven is not a place to go but is a state of mind
Back door loving let nobody shut it out
I'm going to knock knock on her back door
F g see am
Oh and I don't even know if it's right oh yeah
F g
But see back then we used to battle by spinnin' on the ce-ment
You can't even absorb the rhymes I record
Or resolve the deep laws of the physics
Dsus             C       G          Am
I'm alive       And the angel of mercy is right by my side
You act like I owe you

But I'm not in your
to eat but I could not swallow
Am d
Mouth got dry and my tongue got hollow
Am d em
When you call babe you know I'll follow
See d g
In your love baby I want
upon who you call
I am like a scarecrow alone in the distance
G                                          D
close by, there are those who would see
G-Unit, G-G-G-G, G-Unit

Now I told ya'll on my first Dre joint I am loco
Betta than so so the games in the choke hold
Dissin' me is a no no I perfected
Pre>cmaj9 320010 dmaj9 xx0220

see cmaj9, am, f (four times)
Intro oooohs

see g see f
I used to think that it all stopped happening
See cmaj9 am f
Hold back the rushing minutes
Make the wind lie  still
A7                                              D
Don't let the moonlight shine across
Just as (C) long as you (D7) stand by (G) me 
(G) Stand by me, (Em) stand by me, (Am)sta (D7) nd by (G) me 
Won't you (G) stand by me 
Oh woo
[C/B] down to [A min] Laurel

[G] It's a dirty stinkin' town [Am] yea

[F] But me I know [G] exactly what I'm going to [Am] find 

[C-G-A min] [D
to a cardiogram set up so it cuts out when you cry or laugh
D see am d g see
Worked by those who if you screw up treat you to a broken nose
Am d g
If you tap your
As I went out one evening to take the evening air
        F     G      C        F  
I was blessed by a blood-red moon
    Dm               G
Harmony, (G/B) oh (Am) harmony (C/G)
Have (F) you gone a(C)way, have (F) you gone to (E) stay
If (Am) you pass me by I will (Em) miss you
And if (Am) you
Walking in his footsteps in the sweet delta dawn
G see G see G
V1: Take me back to another home to a time so long ago
See G D G
When the sweet
and I'm right back there once again

D see g d see g
Soultime I'm in soultime
D see g d see g
Oh yeah (horns) (bass)

D see g d see g
(horns) (bass)
in it to win it
But see back then we used to battle by spinnin' on the ce-ment
You can't even absorb the rhymes I record
Or resolve the deep laws
I'm still by myself
          C              C7          F
When will it be over  oh darling you know
                 C           G7            C
My side, as I mob to the beach, on a mission
And I'm fishin
For my DJ Warren G, now I look for the bud's sack
And see where my loves at, on the lake
Wrapped up in blue
Painted by me and [F]you
Some thought it's [Am]changed by the truth
We [G]somehow keep smil[F]ing through
It's all we got
Pre>intro see g (8 times)
See g see g see g see g
Look round baby tell me what you say, am I imagining it, is it me
See g see g d see g
Pre>capo at 2 intro: ? ?

G g see em
When I was king I was not really the man I am now
G am g see
I was like anyone sitting on a throne made out
You could tell by the way, he handled (G) people and horses
He'd made his own deal with his (D) god

(G) Now theres one empty cot in