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Well the way I see it doesn't really matter
'Cause it don't make no sense to all those mad Manhatters
But I do believe that there must come
should be told.
And Neil Young always claimed that Sweet Home
Alabama was one of his favorite songs. And legend
Has it that he was an honorary pall
even when it's hurtin'
That's the only way to make an honest day's wage

I'm out the door by the sun up, focused on the come-up
We never sleep in, that
Well I've got scars from what you've done
I'll show em to ya baby one by one
I took my chances, I wanted more
I found rust and I found thorns, you're
very equally as far as I can see 
Hell no we ain't alright!

Now all these press conferences, breaking news alert (this just in)
While your

No car I ever drove, no ice I ever saw 
No music I ever made, ain't nothin' I wanted more 
We could deal with whatever together 
matter how hard I try, look to the sky)
Nobody don't care
(Seems like my dreams, drowned in by screams, no answer to my questions)
Nobody don't care
matter how hard I try, look to the sky)
Nobody don't care
(Seems like my dreams, drowned in by screams, no answer to my questions)
Nobody don't care
and the house too
Now how bout you?
Get away from me and let me clear my mind
This is hurtin' me just to visit you one more time
I know you fine but I ain't
to believe it
Tryna dodge and wave it, end up a paraplegic
Believe me it?s easy, I'll hurt you, I'll merk you
I'll pop summin', drop summin', I ain't gonna
richer, the poor keep dyin' young
I can't hide no more, the time has come

I was born in the ghetto
Tremblin', tryin' to stay alive
'Cause when you're born
(RUN) run (CAN'T HIDE)
We keep our pyros tight, ain't that right? (THAT'S RIGHT)

[Verse One: Jise One]
I seek the meek that shall inherit the surrogate
understand it you can't take this war no more
Always wishin' hopin' waitin' prayin' for a night to end
I know just what it's like, so let me be your long lost
Why don't you leave me alone?
I ain't hurtin' nobody, why you up in my face?
Get up out my soul
Why can't you just let me get through my time this
a beautiful beach
The economy boosted by the drugs they move in the streets
More clearer than the crystal sky, blue as the beast
The people ain't got shoes
Sometimes I cry ba-a-a-by
Ain't nothing working for this pain of mine, hoo ooh hoo
I'll just have to fake it
Until I can make it
There's a smile
poppin' shit wit' niggaz who talkin'
Them niggaz ain't talkin' no more

Closed coffin
Not often do you see a nigga loyal as I
Like that boy from Best
choppin' it first
Basically when I ride-by, I'm hurtin' them worse
So now boo, what you gonna do?
You see how quick I got you
That's how quick I will drop
aint gonna stop hunting
Run run till you're spun
One shot One gun
1-1 emergency,
It's murder, B
It's excellent execution when I'm pulling
Chicken shotty, that ass make me lie to my bitch
Word to god doc throw more lines then fishin rod
No stars, we're supergod non recouperb-alls
Give me that chrome four four, I'm bout to pull a kickdoe 

[Chorus: x2]

[Kane & Abel] 
This is Kane and Abel and Mr. Magic nigga. 
This ain't no
Lovin your kids just like you was ours
And I'm hurtin for you dog, but ain't nobody pain is like yours
I just know that heaven'll open these doors
'Cause I'm hurtin bad but I'm fightin... blast, on the other day
These problems got me usin more drugs, along with the other things
I'm slowly
and turning nights are over
I don't even feel a touch of blues
Once more I can see the sun a shining
Shining though I know I'm over you
So don't think it ain't
I'll last
So keep winkin' and blowin' kisses cause your flirtin' with death
I'm destroyin' your livelihood, I ain't just hurtin' your rep
I catch a flow