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When we hit Japan [x3]

Yeah, 20 tonnes of Sushi-lovin' fun (Yum yum) 
The kiddy line will thank you one by one (Arigato) 
Please come out to see us
your right foot in 
You take right foot out
You put your right foot in
Then just walk it on out
Do that hokey pokey(x4)

She want one she
Words by June Hershey

Music : Don Swander

X = Clap

The stars at night are big and bright, X X X X
Deep In the Heart of Texas

The Prairie
rice, ham, beverage, pastrami
Yo it was comedy -- The B.A.N.

Back on the bust take the musk to the next city
And snoring by Frank Nitty
I'ma tell you I
or Lamborgini with wings
King of all kings, I'm a rap game veteran
Settling into your intestines, soon as you digest me

[Hook - 2x]

[Big Pokey]
Sneaking in from
Ten pounds too much to the naked eye
I don't take the bus because she drives
Watermelon lipstick, and way too much
She got buttermilk smile
"Stick Up Kid"

Rolling in my 2-door Monte Carlo
Looking for somebody I can borrow
5 or 10 dollars 'til tomorrow
I'm doing bad ya'll uh-uhn
And their teasin' me with these 23's and these dvds in their ride
And they pass me by-by-by-by-by-by
And have the nerve to wonder why/Chorus: I be robbin'
I'm bloody too
Ten racks I give you two
Ten racks, I need a few
Ten racks, gon' pay my dues

I don't like your middle man
Boat life like Gilligan
To takin' belongings in my ultimate goal
I'll take your China and your silver and your soul
By darkness and night I shimmy up the drain-pipe

The maggot,
On a Sunday night I might bang me some babes
[Paul Wall talking]
Swisha House, Big Pokey and Paul Wall baby
[Paul Wall]
It's the people's champ, I
I get mad wicked, (fuck around) and catch a bad one by the funker 
I puff the mad spliffs and roll blunts with Archie Bunker 
Cause my brain is
[Big Pokey]
You're trippin' me out, sho' nuff
When you stroll up, you make niggas fold up
Hold up, I been peepin' your ways
Plus the pedal
Feel this, uh what
Come on, uh...

[Big Pokey]
I can't lie, you the one for me
I'm your roof when it rain, be up under me
I'm the one that you
[Big Pokey]
Before the streets swallow me, I'ma swallow the game
Just use your brain, cause you could lose or gain
The rules remain the same since
a game mane

[Chorus: x2]
Got white shawty cheap cheap price shawty
I'm in the club with that real clear ice shawty
I want a bitch that can do
On a Sunday night I might bang me some babes
[Paul Wall talking]
Swisha House, Big Pokey and Paul Wall baby
[Paul Wall]
It's the people's champ, I
She's trying to find the pieces
To put it back together
Chained to late nights
A-huh, take aways, and caffiene
In a pokey little room there
Girl, I can't understand you
You're like reading a big fat book in Hebrew
I can tell by the way you drool
You don't mean to be cruel
Oh baby
when the lights on they runnin
ten years and gunnin just like M.O.P
fuck strugglin-I get my publishin ain't shit for free
I get that big bread, I
the hat on steez, the gentleman's testament
The rest been sold and told like the book of Evangel
I'mma hold the DVD, I ain't seen Scandal
A handful IOU
With television, Dreamcast, dvds
Nice sounds, buttons, it's twenties
I'm a Cash Money Hot Big Tymer nigga
That'll hold a pinky finger up and blind ya
help you choose it (2x)

I'm so glad I got my website,
I ain't worried bout mtv,
I got 20 videos, buy 'em all on dvd,
I'm so glad I got my website,
It was supposed to be so easy...

Just take back the DVD
Withdraw that extra money
Tell mum I wouldn't be back for tea
Then grab my savings
[Verse 1]
I said listen, I'm a nigga on a mission
Do what I gotta to get my people in position
Help 'em envision a better living condition