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Lyrics by Jimmy Buffett
Music by Buffett, Kunkel, Guth, P. Mayer, J. Mayer
I'm a cultural infidel, painting in the dark
I'm a cultural infidel,
of my pocket!)

This time around, we takin' Atheists to church
Servin' serpents with sermons with curse words
You can do all things through Jesus
intentions in verse
Like a preacher or a deacon when he speakin' in church
Know its a lesson that I'm teachin' if you seekin' my verse
Like the shocker
grandes fleurs soleils, les grands soleils soucis,
Ce pays est un rêve où rêvent mes saisons
Et dans ce pays-là, j'ai bâti ma maison.

Ma maison est un
This year we iller than a nun in a cumshot
Getting’ double penetrated in a dope spot
By two hard pipe hittin’ Niggas
On the orders of Marcellus
I thought, “good grief”
J-Just ain’t my belief
Until I saw the holes
Inside his hand

Street Jesus
Street Jesus

Come on, come on, what you
I wake up in a room and realize I'm insane again
This is the fifth time straight in a year I've ended up in here
Eating p.b.j's and watching
Brothers and sisters!
We gonna have Church tonight! 
And tonight this speaker is, Reverend Ruffus Jackson

I wake up praising, God
sprayed with the Uz
Just like mountain you're paying me dues
Murdering crews
By the twos and the fews

--(J.Nitty) "Watch your jewels
Pretty Tone's
Like a preacher or a deacon when he speakin' in church
Know it's a lesson that I'm teachin' if you seekin' my verse

Like the shocker, the hour be
Drake, J Coles, and Big Seans
Time for the world to pay homage
Bow to the rap Gods or them K's vomit
Fuck you know about Dipset you little dipshit
If you
The new J's is coming out?
Oh I gotta grab that
But get that wisdom out my face and show me where the cash at
Then He placed a crown upon my head
Tellin' it like it is, right about now D.J. Premier is in the
motherfuckin' house and shit, ya know what I'm sayin'?  But yo,
yo Kris, run that
[Blaze Ya Dead Homie:]
Last of a dyin breed, soil of the Earth
Policed and been hated by the Church since birth
Bent and forgotten was the Prophet in
Collection plate passing through the church benches
Pastors pull up to their chapels in Benzes
I guess that I musta missed class that day
It's so senseless,
(Juicy J)
At the Dub we gettin buck
Comin like a lightning struck
Cockin back the chrome at the ??
Bitches say I'm fakin it
Players playa hatin it
to after school tutor it
Balling on beats, got hops like breweries
Sideline haters need to chill where the cooler is
Dr. J flow, you can call me Julius
grandma, still in the J's
Coco ave. fo-fo mag tucked away when the po-po's pass
Walked to the stove, but don't step on the old folk grass
A 80's baby like
(Pass the peas, pass the peas, pass the peas...)   --> The J.B.'s

[ VERSE 1: Play ]
I used to break my back everyday, totin boxes in a factory
the offering up out the church. 
Putting in work spitting game on your Boo
Like when that rem and hennessy got me hurt
I'm tru
Taking everything you got with
No question about it, Queens represent!
Say what? Queens represent!
Come on, come on! Queens represent!
Come on, Lost Boyz, LL Cool J

You wanna get
a message in the music ain't a part of the game
A, coincidence that we livin' a lie
A, coincidence that we only get by
A, coincidence that so many are lost
to rise and mislead

[Jamie Madrox]
With my Lotus
I can drink from the liquid mirror
And reveal the other half of me that never seems to appear

[Violent J
Intro: Xzibit, [J-Ro] 

I really wish I could you know at twenty-one 
youknowhatI'msayin',he he, yo yo 
[I'ma tell you exactly why I do
it was a dream
This morning a fantasy
Back when the only fan I had was a fiend
Meet me by the Acura cause the cops like
To get help from the store