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under cover of darkness he made his way
To the middle of the municipal park
& he hid in the bushes & waited for somebody to come
Walkin' along by
[Chorus x2]
You throw Rose by the case [?]
Three hundred dollar jewellery [?] we [?] by the cases.
You define my case, Gucci is got no laces
[Produced by DJ Muggs]
Yeah, word is bond
Das EFX in this yaknowhatI'msayin
Straight from the sewer, word is bond
We doing this with my nigga
When my jam comes on DJ's just start cuttin (cha-ka cha-ka)
Rubber duckin, Jigga Jigga strip

Every name brand clothin off them T.J. Hookers
to the world worse than the Hurricane Gloria
I'm serious, you can say I'm furious
You're sayin in your mind, "Who is he?" because you're curious
A rare rap
a lumberjack, or a midland warrior
Doin damage to the world with the hurricane gloria
I'm serious, you can say I'm furious
You're sayin in your mind, "who is he?
wanna clock me while I'm on my way to school
You don't, have to ask why, you know the reason..
.. he's cool!

{*dj scratches*}

I got a white gold crown,
Guess-V, in a special way (special way)
But everyday
{Go ahead den}
  "It's no way we can rock after them" <-- Black Thought
  ** scratched by DJ Tracks **
living right
But if you stay in the rain like hurricane
Gold melts down but it don't fear flames
Toxic, lethal, psychologically evil
Genocide was
lickin' good, y'all
DJ Hurricane is finger lickin' good, y'all
D.M.C. and Scottie
Big Kev and Marty, Hurricane and Arty
Phil, Doug, and Naughty damn, a big party
So I grab the mic, I like, recite, the hype
the night
What I do to get paid? Anything to get by
And I move through the day, carry on through the night
What I do to get paid? Anything to survive
Chuck Taylor nigga, Hurricane, Baby Cane
And I rep, from the Cedars, to Pasadena, Denver Lane
And all my niggas reppin', from the twenties to the saints
contributed to his inert ways
I seen him pull in 24 hour workdays
With deferred pay, undeterred by the word "shame"
Public humiliation was the worst pain
diamonds from diamond shamrock
Look, all recruiters should be checkin' my stats
I cross competition over shake em' dead in they tracks
I pack an axe by my