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Forever to be in his keep 
Eternal life in the sweet by and by 
When raven dove, raven dove speaks 

When lambs walk with lions, a child tames
the jungle, the quite jungle 
The lion sleeps tonight 
Farracan led the million man march 
Di lion dance tonight 
Africans in America 
Dem cal them
Well he lives by that memory and falls from his mind
And you know it's a lion's heart
That will tumble and tear apart
When he's coming down
the piss out of the shit
Live your life without a net
Stick your head down the lion's neck
And listen to the people cheer
Send in the clowns
and singin' till the early hours of the morn

By the old wooden stove where our hats was hung
Our words were told, our songs were sung
Where we longed for
sad boys
Who's hypnotized by girls who walk
The walk

I'm no good and I like it
And the end is comin' soon
Above, the lion
Is hungry for the dark
as white as chalk-dust
Her fingers sweated India-ink and poison-pen letters
There is a hungry hanging tree, just below your bedroom window
You can hear
saved lives by the hundreds everywhere I went.
I must've brought rest to the restless, fed the hungry too,
I must've done something great to get to have
wasn't fucking impressed
Who's the nigga with the big mouth
I live your ass erect and bit off with a lion's mouth
Your hypeman sound like a bitch that
wearing white
With our lives ahead all I could say was

If I ever needed grace, it's now
You are strong when I am weak, somehow
I am weak enough to see
Under Norve's star filled sky
In a forest so deep and wide
Eight hooves are thundering
By the mountains darkest side
In the shadows two grey
I'm a shepherd for the Pentecost
I got my scriptures and my wires crossed
I got no kids and I got no home
They want us holy men to live alone
I'm a shepherd for the Pentecost
I got my scriptures and my wires crossed
I got no kids, and I got no home
They want us holy men to live alone
Pre>capo at 4 intro: em am (twice)

Em am em am
Weeping statues elvis sightings visitations man struck by lightning
Em am em am
Everyday someone gets
the hope, we took all the dope
It what you carry what it weigh
There's no hope for the hunted, he only play to live by chance
And the overdrive kept us all
about, zu zu zu zu)
(yea, hahahahaah. lions and tigers and bears)
(that's what it's all about)
(lions and tigers and bears)
Look at this shit comin
10 mil a man, nigga fuck it
It's on, get the bakin' soda, dump it
How many niggas'll pump to get 80 more, get it jumpin'?
Live by the code and we
Forget about them other chicks, man, you won’t miss ‘em
Yeah, E-V-E hungry like a lion
I ain’t never easy
Never scared, why you tryin'?
Your gimmick
Get up, go to school with his nose runny, come home with his nose bloody
His sister laughin, he like "What's so funny~?"
'Til she drowned out by
By the money hungry seeking white man

Fucking up our streets with pollution
Then lock a nigga up for the solution
There they go again pickin'
plot yeah

That dog, he's in the fog
But in the dark, he's a hungry shark
That dog, that dog, watch his eyes turn white, get funky

Back home in
And even though Dr.Martins don't go well with a Lions Club-tie
He asked if I was hungry, my wallet couldn't speak for me
So I gave him my company
somethin' new, we starvin' for it

My little man go to bed so hungry
Get up, go to school with his nose runny
Come home with his nose bloody
His sister
Bone marrow twisted, white sockets shattered,
Black flesh blistered, hungry maggots grow fatter.
Tendons snap, cartilage corroding.
and then Tommy and at last was Dan
By then dad's hair was turning white and I had to be my mama's little man
But it seemed that as daddy's back grew weak