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on my phone
And I know you're hungover but I'm coming on over
Did I say we'd go shopping, that I'd Louis Vuitton her?
That I'd Rodeo Drive her, slide
From your mouth into my mind
'Cause I grow weary from this trip I'm on, Yeah
And the ride keeps getting longer

And in morning
I'll be hungover with
Man f*** am I hungover and god damn I got a head ache
S*** half a Vicodin why can't I?
"All systems ready for take off please stand by"

Sometimes I
been gettin honey
And by tomorrow night you'll be hungover and sick
And ill be at my home wit yo mama on my dick

Your mama's on the top of my
First lady, I just point, they squeeze
Ryde or Die, Double are What
Better keep your hammer right by your side

[Verse 3: Eve]
I'm a savage
See I'm hifey like keep the sneak
Please don't creep by me, don't try me
I be on freak, geeked off that brain I receive
All this fly shit, I