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say it's just human, human nature
This is place is savage and unjust
We crawled out of the darkness
And endured your impatience
We're more than
poison gas attack
Raze the people like an axe

Exercise in slow erasure
Human kind and earthly nature
Smoldering, the ashen claw
Closes all the exit
By Bob Hartman
Based on Mark 16:15

You never tried to win more secular appeal
And water down Your message with a slightly different feel
You never
A life worn out by endless reflections
Has shattered every single last hope of rising again
Has defied your advise and counseling
The sinful nature
the waste I'll leave behind And I am caring, ten times more hateful Human in my nature and guilty by design
Yours Everyone's Greedy It's Just Human Nature Everyones Greedy Even You And Your Buddies We'll See How Long You Last Without Your Stereo Everyone's
Overwhelming by its' being
Fulfilling the nature by it's being

You can say that same thing to us
We are all precious ones,
We are all part of the nature
the actions of human beings, or is evil nothing more than a convenient excuse for deviant and destructive behavior. These are questions without easy answer's
highest aim is just control
We are nothing more than blind
Cruelty the protocol

Freedom of mind a desirable state
A human's spirit reaching

A man cab plot evil on his line and win
Though as he traverses the line he discerns
That his way leads to his death
A fate not matched by his
a beautiful beach
The economy boosted by the drugs they move in the streets
More clearer than the crystal sky, blue as the beast
The people ain't got shoes
The glorious frailty of the human mind
Leads us to deceive the mother of mankind
Nature is our master, we serve her through our deeds
She teaches us
Of the great nation we were
There are no countries left
To fight and conquer
I think I destroyed them all
It's human nature
The greatest
[words & music by Thomas C. Hansen]

Going back in time, long before the human kind
When there was no evil minds
Driven by a force, let the nature
Into our lungs
Eradicates our chances
Catastrophic weather
Un-rested seas, our future in toil

How can this be?
Hunted by natures beasts
But don't I add truth
you've never known


The tighter the grip
The more you'll resist
It's human nature I suppose
But I'd rather be
Are you more than they? 

Leaders and followers
Leaders and followers

Recognition by proximity
And a brand new face
Just a smidgen of success

Sooner or later, it's all human nature
Propelling you forward again
It's the step and the chance, the turn and a glance
Asking, where in
seek to our mortality
Tampering in greed, inflated arrogance
Nature's course diverted, by men who interfere
Rampant emptiness, reject this world
And feed on innocents
Nourished by more like you
To someday haunt the aether
In obscene evolution

The house is hell
With it's windows all agape
Apa I think I messed up again was it something I did? 
Was it something I said? 
I don't mean to do you wrong it's just this way of human nature
From the great human race
Take nothing but pictures
Kill nothing but time
Leave nothing but footprints
To show you came by

So very few places that
But don't I add truth
you've never known


The tighter the grip
The more you'll resist
It's human nature I suppose
But I'd rather be
to be one more 
For every sanction the name of human rights another lost soul dies tonight 
For every cure there is a brand new disease.
to appetite
Praised be human nature, ciborium of shame and waste,
For bathing in decline a redeemer moisty of semen so contemptible

There resides the fusion,