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Afrika Bambaataa, Miles motherfucking Davis, sister Assata Shakur
Once known as Joanne Chesimard, Robert Townsend, Nelson Mandela
Karreem Adul-Jabbar,
People unaware they're bleeding 
No one with a brain is believing 
It's so sad you lost the meaning 
Never knew it anyway 
Human natures so predictable
a mind of a college professor and body of a goddess
I'm about KRS, Miles Davis, Pearl Jam, and Rakim,
Albizu Campos, mayor Giuli.. nah not him!
I'm about
Everything I ever wore was once worn before
Roll with the punches now it's box office numbers
Dressed like Sammy Davis, steamin' my marijuana
Double MGs,
they have for the world that they bleed dry.
They are the true pornographers
The real stylists in human perversion.
Rich educated tarts sit dumbly by