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By the symbols of the creator
I swear henceforth to be
A faithful servant of his most
Puissant archangel
The Prince Lucifer
Whom the creator
To have made it this far
Ooh it's been such a long ride
Ooh you know it's been a long way
For a human human human
For a human body you see
Can you believe
your body girate
In cadence with the beat, just move your feet
While the Prince is on the rhyme (Ready see is on the beat)
[ Fresh Prince (& Ready
if they
Don't know what it means

Prince, who is prince? 
A mellow guild by exterior
Kinda lovable
But underneath lurkes
Things that might be
and fries
And you can pass me a lettuce. I'm a pass it by
(Kool Rock Ski):	So keep shoveling, (Ha!) onto my plate
Give me some sweets and lots of cake
make it up

They went searching 
For your body
They went looking
But there's nobody
Who smells like you
Who looks like you
You're not human, too
metabolism quickens my body gets sense
That's when I metamorphosis into the royal fresh prince
And as I display all my lyrical beauty
You become a slave
the darkness
Now one of us
Bitten by the wolf
Now one of us

When the moon is full
And the night comes down
Fear all unnatural sounds
Human beast, animal
the battle has left, 
We climb up a mountain of human flesh, 
To a plateau of green grass, and green trees full of life. 
A young figure sits still by
The evil side of me
Poking at my skin
Feasting on your body
Slaughter blood to taste
Extinction of the human race
Victims of society
Chew them up and
Warm – suddenly warm 
Dancing molecular structures creating human bodies 
Awakening human minds 
Silent suns turning purple 
a ghost but I cannot fly
I'm stuck here as the years slide by
I need a resting place 'cause I
Already felt my body die

If I had a host of ghosts
dwindled a bit. My house was guarded by two tropical fish. Bali was extremely hot in the afternoons and the conversations with the prince drifted along
think that I am up to it 
And the jacaranda tree 
Is telling me of the trouble you're in 
Just by the way 
She bends remember dancing and wondering
by disgust, by childhood foretold
A mere corpus, noxious usurper of body parts
A celebration of my perverted mind, your carrion exposed
Contaminated by industrial wastes
Consequences must await

Contamination to our bodies
Defiling human qualities
Not hard to contradict-that
Bodily harm we
Human flesh, open earth
Prepare your burial, burial, burial
Prepare your burial, burial, burial

This body, cold, contagious
This body, cold,
I set my foot in my cottage
Eyes attracted by human debris
Floorboards covered in spinal fluids
Oozing liquid putresence
Open the fridge; gory sight
I set my foot in my cottage
Eyes attracted by human debris
Floorboards covered in spinal fluids
Oozing liquid putresence
Open the fridge; gory sight
As garden statues 

A grotesque feast 
Of human flesh and pus 
Aroused by pain 
A gateway to death 
Madness reigns 
At the climax of carnage 
Its sad to say that children
No longer scared of dead bodies
Pass corpses everyday
No longer affected by them
No longer affected by them
No longer
Bred from the bowels
Sheep one and all
Bound by the doctrine of lies
To fucked human shit, I shout blasphemy!
As I make my way through
Master of the pike
Of all human life
Drinker of gods wine
Of body and mind
No need for
Human parasite
Burn in the body bags
Stuff the sacs with disease and filth
Homicide to purify
A world of wither and wilt

We are the human
And am I born to die
To lay this body down
And as my trembling spirit fly
Into a world unknown

A land of deepest shade
Unpierced by human